Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online

Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online

Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online: Make Planning Simple

Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online

Why do RSVPs seem to make planning a wedding both simpler and more difficult at the same time? An accurate count of the guests and their attendance at the various wedding events is a necessity for wedding planning. But gathering all of those RSVPs, tabulating them, tracking down everyone who neglected to RSVP, recounting them, and adding all of those names to your wedding planning spreadsheet is a lot of work.

Your wedding stationery will essentially serve as your wedding secretary if you choose the right RSVP cards for your invitations. RSVPs, meal preferences, and guests' names can all be gathered in one location.

Here are 11 stunning wedding invitations with RSVP cards, along with advice on how to use them to manage RSVPs easily.

11 RSVP Wedding Invitations

I have gathered 11 exquisitely created wedding invitations with RSVPs. You can select your wedding invitation suite with the aid of this gorgeous stationery, bringing you one step closer to the altar.

Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online

Independent designers produced these digital wedding invitations. They have realistic cardstock textures, lined envelopes, customizable stamps, and sticker closures, making them just as lovely as their printed counterparts.

1. North Cascades Invitation

This floral wedding invitation has a romantic aesthetic thanks to the deckled-edge paper and tone-on-tone flowers painted in watercolor. Inside, elegant all-caps and italicized text provide plenty of space for all of your wedding's specifics. Save the dates and thank you notes from the invitation suite have complementary ombre watercolor colors.

2. Cascading Foil Invitation

On this cutting-edge invitation, the cascading rose gold frame gives off the impression of shimmering. Teal, black, navy, gray, taupe, and pink are just a few of the colors that are offered for the velvety background. Couples' names are prominently displayed in sleek white text, which is surrounded by stylized event information. The final touch is a vibrant liner and a shimmering gold envelope.

3. Amelie's Invitation

The fabric on this tasteful wedding invitation has a texture that you can almost feel. Romantic script and sweeping text for all of your wedding details are framed by delicate lace resting on a satin background. The traditional couple looks stunning in the ethereal style.

4. Elegant Damask Invitation

Unless you choose a digital option, letterpress is one of the most expensive invitation designs. This elegant damask foliage frame has a letterpress effect that is just as realistic-looking as the real thing. With subtle modern touches and a unique envelope liner, the artwork is influenced by vintage Chinese and Italian patterns.

5. Invitation with luxurious lace

This lovely lace card is so smooth that you could almost touch it. This digital invitation has as much texture as a paper invitation and has the appearance of laser-cut invitations (without the high cost). The save-the-dates and thank-you notes match perfectly and have a classic typeface for all of your wedding's details.

6. Pressed Palms Invitation

This elegant invitation, which has a border of letterpress palm fronds, is ideal for a destination wedding in a warm climate. While the embossed leaves add visual depth, the pure white background maintains the design's understated and elegant appearance.

7. Eucalyptus Frame Invitation

The lovely invitation offers a contemporary interpretation of the traditional floral wedding motif with rose gold foil and watercolor greenery. The back of this card offers space for more information or a personalized letter to your guests, and your wedding information will be surrounded by hand-painted rosemary and eucalyptus leaves.

8. Invitation with Metallic Brush Strokes

This minimalistic design is straightforward and striking for contemporary couples. As guests read every wedding detail in your invitation, their eyes are drawn to the rose gold brushstroke that seems to catch the light. It comes in three additional colors, each with a unique metallic shade to match the design at the bottom.

9. Wildwood Invites

This rustic wedding invitation has a rich wood grain and a delicate floral pattern. The pattern itself is an alluring fusion of male and female motifs. It comes in two different wood tones, and each one has a white floral pattern that looks like it was hand-carved into the wood.

10. Invitations with a desert floral theme

There is a lot of boho charm in this watercolor invitation. The theme is perfect for desert destination weddings or any wedding where succulents will be used in the floral design. This invitation is a charming twist on a traditional design because the hand-painted watercolor cacti encircle your wedding information much like the flowers would on a more conventional floral invitation.

11. Enthralled Invitations

If you look at this striking design from above, the swirling blue watercolor and gold foil have the same depth and texture as the ocean. While the envelope's gorgeous raw edges add even more texture, your wedding details are displayed in the center in clean, contemporary typography. This pattern is also offered in sliced geode-inspired green, gray, burgundy, and black color schemes. Use the complimentary thank you and save the date notes as well.

Benefits of Online Invite than Paper Invite Card

Just wait until you see how accommodative online invitations can be if you thought the salesperson at that upscale boutique wedding stationery shop was accommodating.

Wedding Invitations with RSVP to Sent Online

Here are a few more advantages of using digital RSVP options on online wedding invitations.

Unlimited Customization is available

An online wedding invitation template allows you to alter almost every component, including the font, colors, and RSVP options. With just a few clicks, you can easily add your wedding date, your invitation wording, a link to your wedding website, and your RSVP deadline.

Instantaneously send them out

You can import your guest list from a spreadsheet, your email address book, or the guest list from an earlier party once your invitations are ready. Therefore, if you sent online holiday cards or save the date cards, or used online engagement parties, bachelorette parties, or bridal shower invites, they will still be saved in your address book.

Never fret Over Misplaced Invitations

We'll instantly confirm each email address when you're ready to send, helping to reduce bouncebacks. You won't need to be concerned about your digital invitations and RSVP cards getting misplaced in the mail, unlike paper invitations and RSVP postcards.

Sending out Reminders Should Take Less Time

Once your wedding guests begin to respond, you can track RSVPs, send private messages to specific guests, and receive daily updates and RSVP notifications. You can also plan automatic reminders to inform visitors of the approaching RSVP deadline. That means you won't have to individually text your cousin, that college friend, or your former roommate to remind them that they still need to mail their wedding RSVP cards.

Personalize Invitation with RSVPs 

There are many moving parts whenever you send out invitations to a big event. You must give the venue a seating chart, the caterer your menu choices, and the DJ your song requests. By enabling you to design survey questions, digital wedding invitations with RSVP cards take care of all of the grunt work for you.

You can add free responses for things like song requests as well as multiple choice questions for things like meal selections and checkboxes to determine which events each guest will attend (such as the rehearsal dinner, the ceremony, the reception, and so forth). A guest is directed to your RSVP page after indicating that they will attend your event, where they are asked to complete your survey.

Once every guest has responded, all you have to do is export the data and give it to your wedding vendors. Everybody's song requests will be available to the DJ. The caterer is aware of the preferred meals of your guests. Wedding program spellings will be accurate on the printer. And you and your fiance will be prepared with everything you need to make your seating chart quickly.

Use Digital RSVPs to Get Around Plus Ones

You can update plus ones and request guest information when you send out digital wedding invitations with RSVP cards. You can specify how many guests from a particular household are invited when you create your contact list. This clarifies not only plus ones but also whether children are invited, etc.

Only married couples and those in committed relationships are expected to bring plus ones, according to traditional wedding invitation etiquette, but of course, you can choose to invite everyone!

Accept the Invitations for an Online Wedding

Even though your big day is still some time off, as it approaches, your to-do list for the wedding will start to feel very long. The process is greatly simplified by using online wedding invitations with RSVP cards.

You can select from hundreds of carefully curated wedding invitations made 0by designers of WishNWed. Make your invitation design specific after that.

You'll be prepared with all the details to share with your wedding day coordinators. It is comparable to using a virtual wedding planner. So go ahead and cross that off your list!

Do you have questions about how to find your ideal niche? Let us know in the comments below!

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