Dementia and Hearing Loss What is the Connection

Dementia and Hearing Loss What is the Connection

Praby Sodhi Tells What is the Connection in Dementia and Hearing Loss?

Praby Sodhi Tells What is the Connection in Dementia and Hearing Loss?

Some mechanisms help in understanding that dementia and hearing activities are both linked to cognition. In one way or the other, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi who is a known dementia expert in United Kingdom and is also popular as Praby Sodhi, Prabhy Sodhi and Prabhi Sodhi shares that cognition plays an important role for the ears and brain to function.

According to this dementia specialist, this can also indicate that when a cognitive impairment occurs, the functions of these parts can undergo poor effects, as is observed by Praby Sodhi. At some point in time, conditions like dementia and hearing loss can develop in some individuals. It is more important to note that these conditions can further share a connection with one another. 

Praby Sodhi Tells How are Hearing Loss and Dementia Connected?

There are certain mechanisms that explain different conditions affecting the brain and ear regions. By understanding these, as per Praby Sodhi, one can understand how hearing and cognition are related. This can further hint at the connection between hearing issues and dementia.

1. Changes Occurring in Brain Cortex and Ears

Over time or due to some factors, changes can take place in the cortex region of the brain as well as the ears. These changes can form a link between dementia and loss of hearing.

Particularly when Alzheimer's is considered, differences can be observed in the following:

  • Cochlea, the bone that helps one to hear

  • Nuclei

  • Auditory cortex

Depending on the type of dementia, Prabhy Sodhi explains that changes can occur in other parts or areas. According to this specialist, during vascular dementia, for example, blood vessels get harmed. Then this can also affect other parts and functions important for hearing.

2. Poor Interactions, Hearing, and Cognition

It is surprising to know that interacting in a social environment can share a connection with hearing and cognition. When hearing problems begin to develop, auditory information gets affected. This can affect the interactions between people. By not hearing information properly, the impact of this can gradually fall onto the brain.

  • It can lead to an emotional disconnect.

  • Over time, the structure of the brain can receive damage.

  • Moreover, the functioning of this part can be affected.

  • At some point in time, this can result in dementia alongside increased hearing problems.

3. Effect of Hearing Issues on Cognition

Issues in hearing can make an individual use more cognition to understand what is heard. In doing so, the sources related to cognition are greatly utilized. It is put forth by Prabhy Sodhi that for other processes, a lack of these resources can create an impact. 

The functions involved in understanding, memory, etc., may become poor. This can cause changes to the functions of that individual's brain. While hearing loss can develop further, the risk for dementia can increase as well.

4. Link with the Old Age

As a person's age increases, the chances of both dementia and hearing difficulties can rise. In some cases, these two conditions can share a link as well. The dementia specialist, Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi says that cognitive decline can occur during old age. 

The utilization of cognition while hearing is required. Given that this decline takes place, difficulties in hearing may arise. Moreover, when difficulties in hearing are present, the brain has to function better to resolve them. Due to cognitive decline, however, this can become challenging.

Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi Explains Can Hearing Issues and Dementia be Prevented?

Considering one case to another, the possibility of prevention can be low or better. Even then, Abbey Healthcare specialist Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi suggests that one should be aware of certain risk factors for the brain disorder and hearing loss. 

Awareness regarding these can help in keeping away from these factors. To some degree, this can help in maintaining a healthy condition

Dementia-related Risk Factors

Risk Factors for Loss of Hearing

Being obese

Building up of earwax

Blood pressure remains high


Brain injuries

Poor heart health

A reduced social life




Poor mental health

Deafening noise

To Sum Up

Dementia is a disorder that can share connections with other conditions. When hearing issues are brought into consideration, they too can be linked to this disorder. Prabhdyal Singh Sodhi advises that by preventing hearing problems, one may prevent dementia. For that, knowing the risk factors as well as medical help should both be preferred.

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