6 Creative Ways to Make Your Hallway Seem Bigger

6 Creative Ways to Make Your Hallway Seem Bigger

6 Creative Ways to Make Your Hallway Seem Bigger


6 Creative Ways to Make Your Hallway Seem Bigger

A narrow hallway goes a long way in making a tight space look more organised and artistic.

Whether you live in a pre-Victorian property with rustic ambiance on the doorways or a cumbersome hallway with just too many things nearly colliding, you can transform it.

The blog lists some ways that open up possibilities to ensure a functional hallway that eliminates cluttered space and instills a brand-new entrance feel.

It requires you to view your hallway from every angle possible. From lighting to wallpapers and flooring, you can do much to make it seem spacious.

How To Transform Your Hallway to Make It More Spacious?

Always remember that hallways are the first space that catches the guests' attention. It is the first thing that helps make an impression about the overall living space and the personalities who own it.

Thus, never overshadow the importance of transforming hallways into a thing of ecstasy.

From mirrors that grant an illusion of a large image to furniture that complements the blank space well, it is all about being clever with the available space.

Here are some ways to make your hallways seem bigger.

1)      Consider a runner that brightens up the dull look

Is your hallway craving a color splash? If you have a small hallway and home, you can add a punch of colors to make it look interesting. For this, you can go for a runner.

It injects a personality into plain walls craving a vibe. You can choose patterns while picking a runner for your home. Measure the hallway to buy the apt runner that compliments it well. It should not seem forcefully injected there.

Or, if you are an artist and know much about colors, you can create your runner on an abstract paper collage and overlapping organic and handmade shapes.

 It would seem akin to an original rug design. However, if you are more concerned about durability, you can shop it out online.

2)      Create a multi-purpose hallway

Many individuals crave a character that that hallway lacks. The popular reason for this is minimal space. However, you do not have to snatch the character owing to the small space.

Instead, you can re-construct the available space into a multi-purpose hallway. Hang a blackboard to note down the groceries or important messages.

Use the space above the doors to create a small shelf of your favorite books. It does not end here.

You can also use a mix of hooks and shelves to ensure a good range of storage options to store important things you need while going out, like scarves, goggles, overcoats, etc

3)      Switch the outside door color to match it with the nearby space

The best way to divert the attention of the narrow hallway is by shifting the color equation. By going for a little bold, you can achieve the ideal look.

If your hallway hosts artistic pieces, the color must compliment these. It could be anything from the shelves to partitions or slide-away doors.

For example, painting the insides of the main door in dark color and leaving the walls plain make the space seem bigger and whiter. It opposes a mix of color combinations that makes the look messy and pale. The color of the door and the walls must blend effortlessly.

Trim the corners of the shelves and the door. If you find the shelves bigger, replace them with just the exact size to ensure a breathable space. You cannot believe that simply switching colors can make the hallway seem bigger.

4)      Pick a show-stopper wallpaper

If you cannot do much about the space available, you can still make your hallway look spacious with visual impact.

Explore and pick a wallpaper that stands intact with the wall paint and supported structures in the hallway.

As a tip, you can keep the lower walls plain white while adding glamour to the above space with patterned wallpaper.

If you have stairs side by, you can choose a wallpaper that you can spread and cover up that area, too; it will blend beautifully with the overall ambiance. While doing so, remember the colors of the staircase.

5)      Discover the best gallery orientation for your hallway

Are you aware that family photos are good for Feng Shui? 

And if it is a good omen, why not be a witness to it every day? 

Decide the best memories that you have in captured images. It is time to get these out of your phone album.

Host the best combination so that each image depicts an altogether unique experience you share with your family. Waking up to this is soothing. Before hanging the frames, analyse the space you have in the hallway.

How should the arrangement work?

If you are clueless about the best arrangement, ask your family and friends for opinions. It will help you get the best wall, gallery, and hallway without rearranging things.

The gallery wall idea is great for a long corridor with a narrow passage. It will make the space feel welcoming and grant it character.

6)      Choose a good lamp arrangement

On dark evenings, a darker hallway may seem scary or uncomfortable. To avoid it and ensure a warm welcome, light up the area. For this, you can choose a combination of the best overhead light.

If you have a table complimenting the space, you can also go for a characteristic table light. Or set up a big lamp outside and make sufficient space to pass through your interiors. The glimpse is also warming.

However, whether it is a good light arrangement or creating a multi-purpose hallway, it requires good research, consideration, analysis, and exploring the best quality material and equipment. One always wishes to increase the home value with every minor home improvement.

 Thus, you need that extra cash flexibility if you transform your hallway space.

And how can you get that instantly?

You can check out the best quotes for Loan for bad credit scores to bridge the hallway development costs.

Whether you are a little low on your finances or cannot wait until good savings to have the dreamy hallway, you can tap it and get started!

Bottom line

Hallways are the busiest pathways in your house and hence should stand the test of time and aesthetics. Remember to consider the pastels of your hallway and pick the best color by consulting the expert. These ways to make your hallways seem bigger may help you design your dream hallway.


If you are not satisfied with the existing cluttered hallway and want it to be more spacious, then check these ways to make your hallways seem bigger

Do you have questions about how to find your ideal niche? Let us know in the comments below!

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