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SEO or Contextual Advertising Guide - Helpforbeginner

SEO or Contextual Advertising Guide

SEO or Contextual Advertising Guide - Helpforbeginner

SEO or Contextual Advertising Guide: Many people are concerned about a very common question, what to choose - contextual advertising or search engine promotion? Should they be used at the same time? What is the difference?

If you want to cover the maximum of the market, then of course you need to use both tools. Here you can follow several options: show ads only for those queries that are not in the TOP-10 or be present both in the context and in the search results.

Among visitors to search engines, some click on ads and those who click on search results. And yet, as statistics show, the number of clicks is greater - it is from the results of organic search.

There are many parameters by which you can compare these two ways to attract customers from Google search.


  • Where is your site visible?

  • Deadline for results

  • Effect

  • How long does the effect last after the end of work

  • Company adjustment speed (connection of new requests, regions, landing page change)

  • CPC

  • Targeting

  • Possibility to control the output information (snippet, announcement)

  • Additional traffic

Website promotion (SEO)

  • Search engine results

  • After a few weeks, the first transitions to the site for low-frequency queries occur, and the effect gradually increases

  • There are much more transitions because more trust

  • The effect stops gradually, the rate of attenuation depends on the promotion strategy (for example: leased or eternal links, how well the internal optimization of the site is performed)

  • Edits in the advertising company are applied after several updates of the search results

  • Typically 3-5 times cheaper compared to the context

  • Geographical

  • It is possible to influence the snippet, but adjustments are visible after several updates (1-2 weeks)

  • By increasing the weight of the site content, the influx of visitors to the site for a wide range of low-frequency queries also increases.

Contextual Advertising

  • On the search results page, as well as on the portals of the advertising network

  • A few hours after the launch of the advertising campaign

  • There are fewer transitions because is perceived by many as an imposed result

  • As soon as the money on the account balance runs out, the transitions to the site stop

  • Within 2 hours of making changes

  • Very much depends on the level of competition, but rarely below 50 cents/click

  • Geographic, Behavioral

  • Within 2 hours of making changes

  • Traffic from partner sites of the advertising network

Search Promotion

Principle of operation: bringing the site to the first positions of search engines for thematic key queries.

Benefits :

  • the result of search promotion is not intrusive advertising, which many users have learned to ignore, but the natural interest of the target audience;

  • after being promoted to the top and with the support of the project, the site maintains consistently high positions, which ensures high targeted traffic;

  • the advertising budget does not depend on the number of visitors, which means that with a monthly investment of the same amount, traffic will grow;

  • due to the naturalness of the requests on which the site is promoted, the reputation and recognition of the advertiser firm improve.

 Disadvantages :

  • a rather long period of bringing the site to the top (2-6 months depending on the topic) does not allow increasing sales immediately after the launch of the campaign, which is not suitable for seasonal goods and services (New Year-themed goods, etc.), urgent promotions and sales;

  • Changing the algorithms of search engines can lead to instability of site positions. However, experienced optimizers quickly adapt to changes, and in a short time, the resource returns to the top.

As we can see, the numerous advantages of search promotion confidently cover its shortcomings, so this method of online advertising is a powerful sales tool. What is contextual advertising?

Contextual Advertising

SEO or Contextual Advertising Guide - Helpforbeginner

Principle of operation: compiling small advertisements that are placed on sites that are similar in subject matter: sites participating in affiliate programs, pages of search results. The ad text is a link to the advertiser's resource, through which the user goes and gets to the landing page.

Benefits :

  • a contextual campaign can be developed and launched in 1-3 days, and ad impressions will begin immediately after launch, which ensures an increase in targeted traffic in a few hours;

  • flexible time settings (certain days and hours) and display regions allow optimal use of the advertising budget;

  • the advertiser has the opportunity to determine not only the total but also the daily budget, as well as the cost of one click;

  • placement of ads is not paid, the customer pays only for transitions to the site;

  • campaign progress can be tracked and adjusted down to each ad. The Click-through rate (CTR) is an indicator of the success of an ad. The higher the percentage of clicks relative to the number of impressions, the better: the search engine lowers the CPC for more popular ads.


  • many users perceive contextual ads as unnecessary information and ignore them;

  • cost per click can vary significantly depending on the situation in the market, it is possible to artificially increase rates or “click” the budget by competitors;

  • the effect of contextual advertising is not long-term - as soon as the impressions stop, traffic drops. Google Ads is a more flexible option for here-and-now campaigns.

As can be seen from the listed properties of these types of online advertising, the maximum result from the campaign is possible only with the use of an integrated approach that combines both search engine promotion and contextual advertising. Both of these means will bring consistently high sales to the advertiser.

Do you have questions about how to find your ideal niche? Let us know in the comments below!

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