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Promote Your Website With Podcast - Helpforbeginner

Create a Podcast to Promote Your Website

Promote Your Website With Podcast - Helpforbeginner

Promote Your Website With Podcast: Any web resource strives to occupy TOP positions in the results of popular PS (search engines), but only those sites that approach the promotion process in a non-standard way succeed. In particular, promotion using non-standard methods, such as, for example, posting podcasts, significantly increases the chances of success. 

Podcasts are multimedia files that are placed on websites and help them to move to the coveted TOP of Google and other popular search engines. Let's take a closer look at this method of promotion.

Podcasts as a Tool to Expand Your Audience

Many site owners today are interested in how to create a podcast that can bring success to the site and its owner. Podcasts are a special kind of content that involves the presentation of information in audio or video format. 

In other words, these are audio recordings or videos that are posted both on the promoted resource itself and other network sites.

Like any other type of content, podcasts have a strategically important goal - to increase targeted traffic and attract as many interested users as possible who will be interested in the subject of the site and be interested in the informational or other product that is offered on it. 

If the site is experiencing an acute shortage of traffic, then you can create a podcast that will become the hallmark of such a site and bring it immense popularity. And the popularity of network resources, as you know, is expressed in terms of their attendance. Large site traffic is a guarantee that it can bring a lot of income to its owner from any type of commercial activity.

Sites with high attendance rates can become popular advertising platforms, and if the owner of such a web resource wants to sell it, he can do it without much difficulty and at a fairly high price. Promoted sites are a sought-after product since they are a ready-made platform for any commercial activity, including trading, advertising, representation, and so on. In other words, if you place an interesting podcast on a website that will win the hearts of a wide range of users, then you can count on a significant increase in traffic, profitability, and liquidity of a site.

Podcasts as a search promotion tool

More on this article promote your website with podcast, Many website owners strive to create a podcast not only to expand their audience but also to climb the search engine rankings and take top positions in search results.

How does this happen?

The owner of the site creates or orders the creation of an interesting podcast that can blow up the Internet. Then the finished video or audio recording is posted on the site, after which the popularity of the latter begins to grow rapidly. 

More and more users want to see the video that has become an Internet legend with their own eyes. In this regard, the resource is gaining popularity, and hundreds of ways for monetization open before it. Such a platform with good traffic indicators can be used as an online store, as a platform for placing external links, and so on. 

Directions of monetization can be anything, depending on the personal choice of the owner. An inevitable consequence of improving behavioral factors is the promotion of the site at the TOP of PS (search engines). 

Of course, don't expect that your resource will take one of the TOP positions in the search results ranking already on the first day of posting a mega-popular podcast - most likely, this will take some time. As a rule, the popularity of original podcasts spreads through the network extremely quickly, so the ranking of sites will change pretty soon. Search engines “pay” attention to successful sites that quickly increase relevant traffic. 

Therefore, interesting podcasts can easily promote a resource without using any additional search promotion methods. This is an extremely important ability of podcasts, which makes them not just content, but a very powerful tool for achieving commercial success on the Web. this will take some time. 

What are the types of podcasts?

Promote Your Website With Podcast - Helpforbeginner

If you dive into the history of podcasts, you can see that they were created exclusively in audio format, and were used only in Apple products through the iTunes service. Podcasting is now expanding to video files, and it's not limited to portable devices. Now you have the opportunity to listen to or watch a podcast by downloading it to your computer or using podcasting services, the most popular of which is iTunes.

Audio podcast

In this Blog Post promote your website with podcast, This type of podcast is an audio recording, and its focus can be whatever you want: a lecture, interesting material, reflections on a problematic topic, and so on. The most common recording format is *.mp3. If you use audio podcasts to promote your electronic resource, before listening to the recording, scroll through a short advertisement, the duration of which should not exceed 20 seconds, and only then start the required material.

Video Podcast

This type of podcast is a single or consecutive series of videos that share a common theme. The attention of users here is attracted by the regular update of the podcast with announcements of previous topics. The best recording format is *.mov. You can use absolutely any converter to convert your existing video into the desired format.


This type of podcasting is new. It allows you to study on the Internet using special programs. Screencasting is a kind of plot from successively recorded videos with the author's comments. This kind of novelty allows you to transfer the experience gained over the years in the field of using web development, as well as studying software, as much as possible.

The positive aspects of podcasting

Firstly, this is the transition of communication with your users to a completely different level. Secondly, podcasting allows you to convey your feelings and emotions much easier and brighter through the use of sound recordings and videos. 

Thirdly, you will make it easier for yourself to record your thoughts since it is much easier to do this with the help of sound and video recording. You can also visually provide information about something to your readers.

By distributing the podcasts you created on the Internet, you and your web resource will become popular not only as an author but also directly as a qualified specialist in this field.

Do you have questions about how to find your ideal niche? Let us know in the comments below!

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