SMS Marketing Work In 2022

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SMS Marketing Work In 2022

Is SMS Marketing Dead or Alive?

SMS Marketing Work In 2022

SMS Marketing Work In 2022: Is SMS Marketing Relevant in 2022? In everyday communication, there is no longer a need for SMS, they have been completely replaced by instant messengers. And what about the use of SMS in business? 

SimpleTexting asked this question after surveying over 1,300 customers and professionals. In this article, we will look at the most interesting findings of the study.

Why do you need SMS marketing?

With the help of SMS-mailings, companies inform about new promotions, answer customer questions, inform about the status of an order, remind about events, and inform about contests. 


More on SMS Marketing Work In 2022, With the advent of the coronavirus, the demand for SMS has increased. Users are more likely to buy goods on the Internet and one of the most preferred options for receiving information about the order is SMS. 

SMS Marketing Work In 2022

Business areas such as banking, healthcare, and online retail are primarily in need of SMS messages. More than half of the respondents answered that they are ready to subscribe to SMS-mailing in exchange for cash discounts and gift offers. More than 50% of marketers surveyed said they are increasing their SMS budget in 2022. 

Reasons for unsubscribing

SMS messages are unsubscribed for three main reasons:

  • Frequent messaging. 

  • Loss of interest in the company's products/services.

  • Inconvenient SMS delivery time. 

In order not to encounter negativity, think through all the details in advance. SMS-mailing should contain up-to-date information and come at convenient working hours, in no case at night. In addition, you should take into account the time difference if you work for a wide audience. 

SMS frequency

SMS Marketing Work In 2022

According to the SimpleTexting study, 55% of respondents agree to receive one message per two weeks, 29% of respondents are satisfied with one SMS per week, and 10% of respondents consider two messages per week to be the norm.


How to use SMS marketing? 

If you have a limited advertising budget, then it is recommended to send SMS only to those buyers who have not read your messages in other communication channels - email, WhatsApp, Viber, and Telegram. This will save the company money from unnecessary expenses. 


SMS marketing is still an effective communication channel that is popular with businesses and consumers. Its relevance has only increased with the advent of the pandemic, so it is recommended to use it in combination with other methods of communicating with customers.

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