Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site

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Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site

How to use podcasts for link building

Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site

Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site: Over 2 million podcasts are believed to exist. This implies that there are probably hundreds of relevant podcasts where you might be a guest, regardless of the field you work in.

Many of these podcasts also provide great link-building opportunities.

This article will teach you how to utilize podcasts to increase website links to yours:

What is podcast link building?

Podcast link building is when you introduce yourself as a guest on industry podcasts and get a link from an episode page.

For example, I recently was a guest on the Mastermind.FM podcast and there is a link to Ahrefs on my release page:

As long as you choose your podcasts wisely, you are guaranteed a link to them.


What are the benefits of podcast link building?

Linking to podcasts has three main benefits:

  • Each episode is only about 60 minutes long.
  • This is a great way to build links to your homepage and increase your site's authority.
  • You can promote your brand and content to new audiences.

How to link to a podcast

Linking to podcasts is quite simple and involves four steps:

  • Find Industry Podcasts
  • Veterinary shows
  • Suggest them
  • Record your episode

Let's go through them step by step.

1). Find Industry Podcasts

Your first port of call is to create a large list of potential podcasts. There are several ways to do this. I recommend creating a blank spreadsheet, going through all of these tricks, and adding podcasts to it as you go.

Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site

Search on Google

In this article Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site, When it comes to discovering podcasts in your field, Google is your best friend. You may get a tonne of entries by just searching for the finest industry podcasts. Additionally, a podcast carousel can appear in search results.

Add a podcast to your list if you find one that seems promising. Note the podcast's name and the address of its website.

Finding Apple Podcasts

Open the Apple Podcasts app and find your topic. Click "View all" on a show to see all podcasts related to your topic.

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Check off all promising podcasts on your list.

Reverse engineering prolific podcasters

If you know an active podcast guest in your industry, connect their website home page to the Ahrefs site explorer. Then select the "Exact URL" mode from the dropdown, go to the " Backlinks " report and filter the results with "episode" in the title of the referring page.

Review the results and add relevant podcasts to your table.

2). Check out the show

Not all podcasts on your list will be worth watching, and some will be prioritized more than others. This is why validation is so important, as you don't want to waste your time on wrong presentations.

Here is a simple verification process:

The best place to start is with link data, as you can automate this process with Ahrefs' batch analysis tool. Just paste the websites from your list, export the data, then copy and paste the Domain Rating (DR) data and merge it with your existing list.

DR displays how strong a website's backlink profile is about other websites in our database. Links from website pages with a high DR, therefore, tend to have greater "authority."

It's not necessary to delist podcasts with low DR websites, but it's usually better to prioritize high DR websites if links are your priority. To do this, sort the list by DR from highest to lowest.

Now all that's left is to go through the list to see if the podcast matches:

  • Links to guests
  • Still working.

You already know the answer to the first question about the podcasts you found with Ahrefs' Site Explorer.

If both of those things are true, keep the podcast on your list. If not, remove it.

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Remember that links aren't the only benefit of participating in a podcast. If you come across one that doesn't lead to guests but has a huge audience, it might be worth reaching out to just for the demo.

Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site

3).Put on a show

Applying for the show is pretty easy. You either follow the application process or contact by email and introduce yourself as a guest.

Always keep an eye on the application process if there is one on the show, as someone who reads the presentation is likely to ignore the presentation from those who cannot follow simple instructions.

The TechSEO podcast, for instance, provides a form for submitting guests:

It doesn't make much sense to email Dan (the podcast co-host) here because he doesn't want to receive messages that way - and it's unlikely he wants a guest who can't follow basic instructions.

If the podcast doesn't have an application process, you need to find the host's email address and contact them that way (here are six ways to find email addresses).

As for the field itself, then everyone's advice will be a little different. But generally speaking, you'll want to cover three Ws:

  • Who? Tell us who you are, who you work for, etc.
  • Why? Explain why you would be a good podcast guest. Sell ​​yourself.
  • Which? Explain what you want to talk about.

Don't grab your "what" out of thin air. It should be something that viewers of the show can enjoy that hasn't been covered before and fits your experience.

Discuss a topic you've already written or spoken about, if at all feasible. This may then be used as episode notes for a podcast.

For example, if I were to reach out to the TechSEO podcast, it would make sense for me to present an episode about duplicate content. This is because the theme is clearly liked by the viewers of the show, and I have already written about it.

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And while looking through its episode history, I realized that the show didn't seem to cover this topic yet:


More on this blog post Podcast Link Building and Podcast Site, Submit offers in batches as most hosts won't respond. If you can send five to ten per week, then you can build up a fairly steady stream of podcast appearances.

4).Record a podcast

Because the presenter often does the majority of the laborious work, recording your podcast is the simple part. You only need to be on time and respond to their inquiries.

The following advice will help ensure that nothing goes wrong:

  • Invest in a decent microphone
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Find a quiet place (no coffee shops)

This usually happens a few weeks before the airing of your show. Most likely, the host will let you know if this occurs.


Can you create links by hosting your podcast?

Yes. Listeners who link to guests on podcasts frequently link to their material. Thus, having a podcast adds to the list of possible methods for generating backlinks.

For example, if we connect Authority Hackers to Site Explorer, go to the Best by Links report, and filter out pages with a "#" sign in their titles, we can see that quite a few episodes of his podcasts have attracted backlinks.

We're using "#" as the trace because Authority Hacker uses the #000 format for the episode number in the page title.

However, hosting a podcast is a lot of work, so we don't recommend doing it purely for link-building purposes. Links are more of a bonus.

Podcast High Authority Site

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Final Thoughts

Podcasts are a great way to get more links and spread the word about your brand. You can also mention other relevant content during the podcast to introduce it to a wider audience and this can lead to even more backlinks.

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