MOZ Beginners Guide 2022

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MOZ Beginners Guide 2022

A Beginner's Guide To MOZ DA and PA

MOZ Beginners Guide 2022

MOZ Beginners Guide 2022: There are very few ranking systems available on the web to measure the comparative ranking of a website. Previously, website owners measured rankings using Google PageRank. 

However, Google has stopped using the ranking system due to misuse for backlink purposes. For example, you can buy an expired domain with a high PageRank and park it or post content to sell links. After the disappearance of PageRank, people still use Alexa and Moz DA and PA rank to measure. 

It is easy to understand the Alex rating which you can simply check by going to their website. In this article, we will explain what Moz DA and PA are and how they can affect the cost of a domain.

Checking Moz DA and PA

You can use Moz's free domain analysis tool to get the DA of any website.

Check Moz Domain Authority

However, the free tool can only help you check up to 3 domains, and you should get a premium Moz Pro account to check more domains. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free account to use the API for restricted domains, or use the Link Explorer tool to search for DA/PA. 

If you want to create an account or upgrade to a premium version, the best way is to use third-party websites that use APIs to offer a DA/PA verification service.

What is Domain Authority (DA)?

DA is a benchmark that predicts how well a domain or website will perform in the SERPs. The DA score also has a scale of 1 to 100, and a higher chance of ranking is well associated with higher DA scores.

Domain authority score

Moz takes into account several factors to come up with DA scores, such as total links and related root domains. All of these factors are then calculated in the overall DA score. Moz uses the DA score when comparing websites or tracking website rankings over a period.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

PA has to do with predicting how well a particular web page will rank in the SERPs. Moz utilizes a score reached by Page Authority to calculate this prediction. The score is from one to 100, the higher the score, the higher the ranking ability.

Page authority score

PA depends on information collected from the Moz web index, as well as several other factors such as domain authority (DA). It uses a machine learning model to determine the algorithm that best matches rankings across thousands of pages of search engine results. 

The prediction is compared to the pages and used in calculations to generate PA scores.

Please note that Google does not use DA or PA as a metric to determine search engine rankings, as DA does not affect search results.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

In the case of DA, the ranking strength of the entire subdomain or domain is predicted, while for PA, only the ranking degree of a particular page is predicted.

However, these two authorities are calculated using the same method. The two bodies are very similar to each other, focusing on domain and page-level metrics.

How is the authority rating determined?

Moz measures DA or PA score on a logarithmic scale of one hundred points. Thus, it is much easier to improve the score from 20 to 30, but it is difficult to improve it to 80 from 70. 

MOZ Beginners Guide 2022

Remember, Moz regularly updates the DA and PA algorithm, as a result, the DA or PA score fluctuates periodically.

What makes a "good" authority?

Given the way DA or PA is calculated, it's best to use it as a comparative measure rather than using it as a specific estimate. 

It's like browsing Google search results: the top pages have more important link profiles than the rest. Since DA and PA are comparative tools, we cannot tell if there is a bad or good estimate.

Generally, a website with a vast amount of top-quality inbound links, such as websites like Google or Wikipedia, is at the top of the DA scale. On the other hand, sites and companies that have fewer inbound links are expected to score lower on the DA scale. New sites often start at 1 on the DA scale.

How can I influence domain and page authority?

A direct impact on DA or PA is quite complex as it consists of a combination of metrics as well as link data that affect the authority score. This is a deliberate move as the metric is intended to measure how competitive a particular website is in Google search results. 

Considering that Google uses several factors to rank a site, the search metric to calculate will also include several factors.

MOZ Beginners Guide 2022

The advice on how best to influence your DA or PA metric is related to improving your overall SEO, specifically focusing on link building to get more links to your site from the rest of your web pages that are well connected.

What causes a change of power?

As we discussed earlier, DA and PA are the results of several calculations and metrics, so determining the specific reason for a change in authority can be difficult. Below or some of the factors that can cause an authority rating to increase or decrease:

  • If the domain has links from a low-quality domain or nofollow that is useless in Google rankings.

  • If Moz doesn't, the domain's link profile growth is still in the index.

  • The highest authority sites had a significant increase in the number of links, which skewed the scaling process.

  • If your DA is at the bottom of the rating scale and has more due to fluctuations in the scaling process.

  • In the case where Moz has scanned (and recorded in its index) fewer or more binding domains that were previously captured.

Linking domains

To properly control fluctuations in PA and DA scores, it is necessary to understand that the metrics used are not drawn from a vacuum. Instead, they are based on several negative and positive factors, which means that in a situation where a particular website is working to improve its SEO, authority scores do not necessarily reflect such changes.

Indicators in the metric system


MOZ Beginners Guide 2022: DA and PA operate in the same way as both use a 100-point scale. An authority score is simply a pointer to the predicted performance of your website, but a reflected score does not necessarily mean that your website is performing poorly or well. 

This is because, after each update of the calculation algorithm, the authority score of a certain website or web page may decrease during the recalculations performed, regardless of whether the website or web page has improved the quality of its links, as well as the number. 

Therefore, it is very important to know that the best way to use authority scores is as a comparison tool and not as an actual measure.

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