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How To Check Website Backlinks

Check Website Backlinks

How To Check Website Backlinks

Check website backlinks: In the process of website promotion, it is important to constantly monitor the dynamics of the link profile to keep the situation under control. If the number of donors in the profile is constantly decreasing, this may negatively affect the position of the site in organic issuance.

You can check backlinks to your site using specialized SEO platforms that generate a report in a few minutes. They reduce the amount of routine work, but access to such services is paid for, and often the cost of tariffs is high for webmasters. 

Backlink checking tools solve one problem, but each of them has its characteristics. A basic site report is sometimes provided free of charge, but the period of trial access to the platform rarely exceeds 7 days.

To monitor links on an ongoing basis, it is important to choose the best link mass analysis service. If you have not had to solve a similar problem before, you will have to spend time on analysis. Comparing the capabilities of popular tools will help you make the right decision. 

1. What is backlink checking services?

Link mass analysis services are indispensable assistants for all webmasters who are engaged in link building on an ongoing basis. They provide access to useful information and automate many tasks that site owners have to perform periodically.

There are several dozens of popular services for checking backlinks to a site. They differ in available tools, the size of the link base, and the cost of tariff plans. Some platforms, in addition to backlink analysis, provide access to key selection, position checking, and traffic analysis.

If the site owner wants to find the perfect link-building tool, it is better to choose a service that specializes in link analysis. These platforms have more data and are updated more frequently than SEO harvester numbers. 

If the goal is to get the maximum of useful features for $100-200, search marketing platforms come to the rescue, which can offer not only link analysis. They solve almost all standard tasks of webmasters.

SEO analysis services provide many useful tips, but the decision to place links on a specific donor is made by the owner of the promoted resource. The data that search marketing platforms collect needs to be carefully analyzed. 

What is a backlink to a site

A backlink is a mention of the site being promoted on an external resource. The constant growth of mentions signals to the algorithms of search engines that the project is of high quality and it is worth taking a closer look at it.

If Yandex and Google do not find confirmation that the link mass is built thanks to sponsored backlinks, the visibility of the site in organic search may increase over time.

Many years ago, you could get to the top of the issue with the help of fast link building, but search engines have long since made changes to the ranking algorithms. Now high-quality backlinks still affect the effectiveness of website promotion, but their role has become less pronounced. 

Competition in information and commercial niches is constantly growing, but thanks to constant analysis, you can learn a lot of useful information. For example, a link-building strategy for sites that are firmly entrenched in the first lines of search results.

Checking external links to a site using SEO platforms clearly shows not only the dynamics of the link mass, but also popular donors, types of backlinks, attributes used, and other link placement parameters. 

What is a donor and an acceptor

The link-building scheme always involves two parties - a donor and an acceptor. The donor transfers the weight to the acceptor and pumps over his trust. If a two-way link exchange scheme is used, then both projects are considered donors and acceptors at the same time.

Search engines are constantly improving algorithms for recognizing artificial links, and the approach to determining high-quality backlinks has not changed for a long time. 

How To Check Website Backlinks

Yandex and Google take into account the following factors:

  • the position of the link on the page;

  • anchor used;

  • number of outgoing links;

  • reference attributes;

  • donor and recipient relevance.

If a page URL is embedded in the content that doesn't fit in the context, search engine algorithms may flag the link as suspicious and disable weight passing. 

It is advisable to avoid such situations and select relevant donors to get not only link weight but also the target audience. Search engine algorithms also analyze link clicks to evaluate their naturalness. 

How Backlink Analysis Works

Backlink analysis is based on three processes - scanning, analysis, and systematization. Search marketing services perform all operations in a hidden mode, the user receives a ready report after starting a domain scan.

Some platforms have their link index - a database of backlinks from different sites. The index is constantly updated so that the service provides users with fresh data. 

For example, the bot of the popular Serpstat platform adds 2 billion new links to the index every day and bypasses 2.5 million domains. The numbers are constantly increasing although thousands of sites stop working every day.

After collecting information about backlinks, algorithms analyze them, remove garbage and leave links that pass quality control. Each platform has its metrics, but they all take into account approximately the same factors.


View site backlinks any webmaster can do it thanks to the simplest access to SEO analysis services. It is enough to enter the address in the search bar and wait until the data appears on the screen. 

2. Importance of quality backlinks for a website

To understand why backlinks are so important for website promotion, you need to understand the features of Google and Yandex ranking algorithms. They take into account hundreds of micro factors, but link factors remain one of the most influential groups.

Imagine that the donor site is an academician with a new scientific work that should change the world. He can make a breakthrough in any field of knowledge, but until his work is cited by other members of the scientific community, it will remain little known.

A feature of content distribution is that the rating of a scientific work begins to grow in parallel with the appearance of new references. The more citations, the higher the interest in the information.

Similarly, search engine algorithms take into account link factors. If the project is constantly mentioned by authoritative resources and backlinks look natural, the trust of the promoted resource will grow. But only on the condition that donor sites are considered high-quality according to search engine algorithms.

Growth of site positions

Webmasters who are just starting to actively develop their projects often think that a few links from 2-3 authoritative sites are enough to get organic traffic and stable positions, but this does not work that way. 

It is necessary to constantly show the algorithms of Google and Yandex that the project is developing - new content appears, the link mass grows, and the brand becomes recognizable. 

If there is no constant development, even links from the most authoritative resources will be useless. They can improve the visibility of the project for a while, but as soon as the activity disappears, search traffic disappears along with it. 

Traffic increase

The main task of any informational and commercial project is to consistently receive targeted visitors. If you look at the traffic chart of almost every site, you can see that it decreases over time. 

This happens for various reasons, but there are almost always periods of drawdown on the chart. And often a good link mass dynamics can stop a project from stagnation, but only if you follow security measures and focus on the quality of the links, not the quantity. 

Even young sites can increase traffic for a while, but it is difficult to consolidate the result permanently. Therefore, it is important to work systematically and not stop it, even if the dynamics are not as impressive now as before.

Increasing brand awareness

Resource owners often check backlinks to a site online to make sure they are building brand awareness. This can be concluded by the growth in the number of natural references.

If you have to spend several thousand dollars every month to buy links, the visibility of the project may not grow in the right place. It all depends on the approach to choosing donors, the quality of content, and other factors.

In 2022, promoting a brand on the Internet is much more difficult than 5-10 years ago. Links from authoritative resources are useful, but they are not enough to form a permanent audience. If you focus only on link weight and link building, instead of good dynamics, you can get sanctions from search engines.

Quality links are very important because they help Yandex and Google understand that the site deserves attention. This is especially true for young projects without a history, which are just starting to advance in search engines.

3. Why you should use backlink analysis

Backlink analysis solves several problems at once. And each of them is very important for the search engine optimization of the promoted resource. Without analyzing the link profile and constantly improving the SEO strategy, the project can stagnate for a long time.

Link analysis services allow you to see competitors' link-building approaches. They show reputable donors, evaluate the quality of placements, and give a complete summary of the quality of the top contenders' profiles.


Some search marketing platforms provide a backlink monitoring module that allows you to track the health of your backlinks. It happens that over time, sponsored placements disappear from donor sites and the money spent ceases to pay off.

It is important to monitor the status of links and, if necessary, contact site owners to get information about the reasons for the disappearance of backlinks.

Better yet, buy backlinks through the exchange and get insurance. proposing guarantees posting within 7 days or a full refund. Before being added to the catalog, each donor is carefully analyzed and a decision is made not only based on reference metrics.

The catalog contains more than 44 thousand sites for different countries, languages ​​, and topics. Even in narrow niches, you can find dozens of high-quality projects for building link links. For the convenience of optimizers, a personal account displays information about the speed of placing backlinks. 

Determine domain rating

Not every default link is useful. If you place a mention of the promoted resource on a project with a high level of spam, there will be no harm from this. But, if there are a lot of such links in the profile, the visibility of the site may decrease over time. 

Therefore, it is important not just to find backlinks to the site, but to determine the rating of each donor. SEO analysis platforms offer their own set of metrics to evaluate the quality of resources.

Ahrefs has Domain Rating, Semrush offers to target Semrush Rank, and Moz has been updating Domain Authority for years. Each indicator is calculated using a unique formula, but it is better to use several metrics to get an objective assessment of the donor. 

Set link dynamics

In any niche, there are always the best sites that consistently receive a large amount of traffic and are firmly fixed on the first lines of organic results for relevant queries. 

The key to unraveling the reasons for success lies in the analysis of the link mass and the dynamics of link placement. For example, if your profile gets 200 new backlinks per month, without the proper budget, it can be difficult to counter such a project.

Site visibility is influenced by a large number of parameters, but links are among the priority groups of factors. And the dynamics of building backlinks make it clear how fast the authority of the project is growing.

How To Check Website Backlinks

Check anchors

When forming a link-building strategy, webmasters often pay attention not only to the dynamics of the link profile but also to the anchor list. It can also give a lot of valuable information about the reasons for the growth of the site.

For example, if the profile is dominated by commercial anchors, and the promoted project does not use them at all, you can revise the strategy based on the information obtained during the analysis.

Anchors affect the evaluation of links according to the version of search engine algorithms. It is impossible to know for sure whether Yandex and Google consider the link to be suspicious, but if the site has no problems with visibility, one can conclude the quality of the link profile.


Determine the number of incoming and outgoing links

When placing links, it is important to take into account such characteristics of the donor as spamming. It is calculated based on the ratio of outgoing and incoming links.

Even the most reputable donors have situations when there are more outgoing links than incoming ones. They usually arise due to an active focus on paid backlink placement and a lack of control over their link profile.

A domain overview allows you to see how well a project is progressing and whether it has spamming or dynamic issues. If the SEO service shows a stable drop in the profile, you should think about the advisability of cooperation.

Set the quality of donor sites

Link profile analysis is one of the important steps to determine the quality of sites where a webmaster plans to place links. If a competitor constantly receives backlinks from a certain resource, you can’t just copy his strategy, you need to conduct an analysis.

The metrics of SEO analysis platforms that collect, analyze, and systematize data help to obtain indirect confirmation of the quality of the project. They do not guarantee that the search engines consider the site to be of high quality, but they provide a lot of useful information.

The effectiveness of link building depends on the quality of donor sites. You can get 100 links from spammy forums or message boards without moderation, but it's better to replace them with 5-10 backlinks from high-quality projects.

Check your competitor's link profile

You can find a lot of interesting data in the report on the competitors' link mass: a list of popular donors, anchors, and link attributes. The backlink analysis service shows all the important information in one interface.

Checking the link profile of competitors should be one of the ongoing tasks when promoting a site. If you do not follow the situation in the niche, this can affect the effectiveness of the search engine optimization of the project.


When the visibility of the site is constantly decreasing, you need to look for the cause not only inside the project but also outside. It may turn out that competitors have started investing in link building and have added several hundred quality links to their profiles in a month. 

Find new placements

In this article Check Website Backlinks you fine best new placements, Sooner or later, narrow niches run out of authoritative donors for placing links and getting mentions from the same resources 3-4 times is not always profitable. Then link mass analysis services come to the rescue.

A lot of valuable information can be learned in the process of parsing reports on competitors' projects. Services make it possible to filter links by the date they appeared and find donors who have appeared in the profile recently.

There is no guarantee that a project that collaborates with competitors will agree to post a few more links on a similar topic, but you can still send a request by e-mail.


Identify malicious links

One of the main advantages of link analysis services is the determination of their toxicity. For example, Semrush allows you to analyze a profile of any size and issues a full report on malicious links.

Toxic backlinks are placements that, in theory, can harm the promoted resource. Semrush uses a large number of signals to determine the harm of links but recommends further analysis of the domain before disapproval.

The backlink service for a website provides more useful information than Yandex and Google webmaster panels. For example, in the Semrush interface, you can create a list of backlinks to remove and reject links. 

4. What to look for when choosing a backlink service

Many backlink analysis services on the market solve the main problem. Each of them has its characteristics, and it is worth paying for a tariff plan for six months or a year in advance only after a thorough analysis and verification of the quality of the platform.

It is also necessary to set tasks that the service will solve. If, in addition to profile analysis, you need to monitor links, check positions and analyze traffic dynamics, you will not be able to use highly specialized platforms.

Popular search marketing services offer access to useful tools for several hundred dollars a month. When paying for a long period, you can save 10-30% of the subscription price.

Link index size

Some services do not have their link index, they buy a database from suppliers and cannot guarantee timely updating of information. Therefore, it is better to choose platforms that collect data on their own.

Usually, this advantage is positioned as one of the main reasons for using the service, and data on the link index is placed in the plus block. There you can also find information about the size of the database and the frequency of data updates. 

Well-known search marketing platforms like Semrush or Ahrefs do not need additional presentation and evidence of the quality of their data, but less popular services should not be trusted without preliminary analysis. 

The size of the link index does not guarantee the quality of the data, the service must carefully filter the received information. For example, Serpstat ensures that the link base is cleared of garbage and updated on time. 

Link index relevance

The value of link analysis services lies in the availability of historical data. After starting a domain scan, you can see statistics for several years and evaluate the profile growth dynamics.

Keep in mind that not all search marketing platforms can offer a 5-10 year historical index. For example, Serpstat makes it possible to get acquainted with data no older than 2019.

Service crawlers must regularly collect data and pass it on down the chain. If the analysis interface shows figures for the last month, it will not be possible to find out the current information.



The convenience of the interface is one of the most important criteria for the quality of any service. Many search marketing platforms have no problem with this setting. However, before paying for a subscription, it is worth getting trial access to evaluate the control panel.

It will take some time to learn the interface features, but usually, there are no problems. Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and other products are the result of many years of work, and there are no global claims for convenience.


Each service has its own set of available functions, so you can’t put them on the same level. You can only unite according to the main task that they help to solve - the analysis of the reference mass.

When choosing a backlink analysis platform, it is important to consider the tasks that the webmaster wants to solve with its help. For example, not all popular services can help with bulk domain checking.

Update frequency

Quality products are constantly evolving and delighting users with new features. Not all services make the change history publicly available, but articles about global updates often appear on blogs.


You can see how often editors release news about product updates, and evaluate the intensity of the work of the service team. However, in the issue of link mass analysis, it is worth paying more attention to the quality of the data provided, rather than the frequency of platform updates.


Price-quality ratio

To understand how the price matches the quality, you need to take the time to analyze the service: register, create a project, and see how well the platform copes with the tasks.

Very often webmasters can't decide between Ahrefs and Semrush. Services have always been positioned as products of the same level, but it is easy to separate them. Ahrefs is better at link analysis, while Semrush wins when it comes to search queries.

It is important not just to pay for a subscription to the service and use ready-made tools, but to form a high-quality approach to working with link mass. You need to regularly look for new donors, check their quality, monitor the dynamics of the competitors' profile, and get rid of toxic links.

5. Services for checking backlinks: a comparison table

Searching for backlinks to a site manually takes a lot of time, and if thousands of domains link to a resource, it is better to use one of the popular services to solve the problem.

Most well-known platforms provide free access to basic tools with limited features and allow new users to test the quality of the tools. This should be used to choose the best option. 

The comparison table helps to conclude how loyal the service is to new customers. It is not necessary to give beginners a free plan for a month, but there should be a minimum time for testing.

The size of the link base indicates how much data the algorithms of the search marketing platform operate on. However, this does not mean that the service with the largest number has more objective statistics. It all depends on the approach to interpreting the collected information. 

6. Best backlink checking services in 2022

Experienced SEO specialists and webmasters know which services can be included in the list of the best. It won't just end with Ahrefs or Semrush, there are other products on the market that you should look into.


You should not get hung up on the price, but if the budget is limited, it is better to choose a service with a lower subscription cost. Such platforms do not always provide lower quality services, but will not be able to offer the same range of available tools as, for example, Semrush.

The cost of tariffs is usually tied to the number of added projects and team members who can be invited for convenient interaction within the service. In addition, there are limitations on functions - Semrush does not provide access to historical data to those who have chosen the cheapest subscription.

SEOprofiler Check Website Backlinks

This is an SEO combine, which is distinguished by the presence of a large set of tools. There are 102 billion links in the database, and the figure is constantly increasing. The Link Profiler report has many sections with anchors, popular pages, important domains, linkage, and other data.

SEOprofiler determines the quality of links and shows a list of backlinks that can be improved. It helps maintain a natural link profile and engage placements that haven't reached their full potential.

The cost of paid tariffs ranges from 70 to $1000. They differ in available limits and access to different modules. At the cheapest rate, access to the link quality checker is closed, and the most expensive subscription allows you to add any number of projects. 

Ahrefs Check Website Backlinks

The service is often referred to as the best link analysis tool on the market. Ahrefs allows you to analyze the profile of any site for free and get a basic report.

The platform provides the most complete information about the link mass of any site. With its help, you can conduct a cross-analysis and find domains that link to competitors of the promoted resource.


The service impresses with the number of available resources - more than 2600 servers provide analysis of 30 million new pages daily. Algorithms update estimates for 420 million pages every day.

The subscription price starts at $99. Tariffs differ in the number of available projects, limits on crawling pages, the number of requests for position tracking, and other features.


SE Ranking Check Website Backlinks

The service is in demand among SEO specialists and webmasters, but above all as a convenient tool for checking positions. Not everyone knows that it also solves the problem of analyzing the link mass. 

SE Ranking offers a complete analysis of the profile of any site, shows the statistics of new and lost backlinks, determines the type of links and provides the ability to update link statuses in real-time.

The price of tariffs is tied to the number of available requests to check positions. On the cheapest subscription for $7, you can analyze the profile of one domain and monitor the status of 1000 links.


MegaIndex Check Website Backlinks

MegaIndex has often been ranked among the top analytics services for webmasters and SEO professionals, but the project's visibility has declined lately, although it still does its job well.

Among the available modules is a link-checking tool used by almost 9,000 MegaIndex clients. The service has its link index with historical data from September 2015. It can be used to check the quality of donors.

MegaIndex has a free plan, but it doesn't have access to apps and reports. Therefore, for permanent work, any paid subscription is needed. API access is provided on all tariffs.

SEMrush Check Website Backlinks

Semrush is often put on par with Ahrefs, but it has more features. The service provides access to 50 useful tools for solving various problems: from link analysis to content marketing.

There are 43 trillion links in the database, and the figure is constantly growing. Semrush allows you to analyze the link profile, track backlinks and compare data with competitor sites. One of the main functions is to evaluate the influence of links on the promotion of a resource.

The cost of access starts from $120. When paying for an annual subscription, you can save 17% of the cost of tariff plans. At the minimum rate, 5 projects, 500 tracking keys, and a link profile analysis tool are available. 

Moz Link Explorer Check Website Backlinks

Moz offers access to one of the largest link indexes of any search marketing platform, with nearly 41 trillion backlinks. The service can be used for any tasks related to profile analysis.

Moz generates a detailed report on the link mass of the checked domain, including competitor data and backlink spam checking. Using the built-in tools, you can find broken links and lost backlinks.


The service has loyal conditions for customers - you can test the benefits of the paid version for free for 30 days. If you pay for access for a year in advance, you will save 20% of the cost of the tariff plan.


Check Website Backlinks Majestic SEO

One of the oldest search analytics services is still in trend and solves a large number of tasks related to SEO analysis. It has its link index and unique algorithms for calculating site and page quality metrics.


The pride of the service in the context of the link is a deep analysis of the nature of the backlink. Majestic is one of the few that provides the ability to bulk check domains.

The subscription price starts from $50, only fresh data is available at the minimum rate, and access to the historical index is closed. To add more than two users to the service, you need the most expensive subscription.


Check Website Backlinks Seobility

Analysis of the link profile in the service provides a lot of useful information and allows you to conclude the quality of link building. The Seobility algorithm determines the value of each link and donor.


The data is updated in the service once a week, so it is not quite suitable for large sites. If 20-30 new links are added to the profile every day, it will be possible to receive fresh data only after 7 days.

The service has a free plan where you can add 1 project, crawl 1000 pages and check 100 external links. Paid subscriptions start at $50.

Check Website Backlinks Ubersuggest

This is a well-known search engine marketing service from SEO expert Neil Patel. The main specialization of the platform is keyword checking, but it also provides information about the link profile.

Ubersuggest analyzes competitors and provides useful data on which donors can be used to build link connections. Using advanced filters in reports, you can find links by specified parameters.

Paid plans start at $12 per month. Unlike other services, Ubersuggest offers not only monthly or annual subscriptions but lifetime access for $120-400.

Check Website Backlinks linkody

The tool is positioned as the easiest way to track link-building campaigns. It provides data on the link mass of competitors, shows information about lost backlinks, and identifies toxic placements.

Linkody stands out for its user-friendly report design. The interface displays important indicators: the status of the donor page, the anchor used, page spamming, Domain Authority according to Moz, and other metrics.

The service offers 5 tariff plans at prices ranging from 14 to $153. On a budget subscription, you can add 2 domains and monitor 500 links. If the service detects new links or the loss of old placements, a notification will be sent to the mail.

Check Website Backlinks LinkMiner 

This is a tool from the well-known company Mangools, which has launched several useful SEO products on the market. LinkMiner allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of backlinks using several metrics from popular search marketing services. Link data is taken from Majestic.

The key feature of the service is that it allows you to see the content of the donor site in preview mode and choose a place to place the link. You can add backlink integration sites to your favorites and return to them at any time.


The cost of tariffs ranges from 30 to $80. You can save up to 40% off the original price by paying for a year's subscription in advance. The service is beneficial to use only if you need additional SEO tools.

7. Free tools to check external links to a site

Free tools also provide useful information on the link mass of the site being promoted, but they have much fewer features. Paid services provide more data and automate routine tasks.

In addition to webmaster consoles, other free tools analyze a site's link profile and generate detailed reports. However, they do not determine the toxicity of links and do not send notifications about the loss of backlinks.

Google Search Console

The Google Webmaster Console contains information about the links found by the search engine's crawlers. The information is updated with a delay, but it gives an idea of ​​what backlinks Google has found.

The only way to disavow spam links is with the Disavow Tool in the console, so you won't be able to stop using Search Console. SEO services allow you to generate a rejection file and upload it to the Google interface. 


Yandex's site owner console provides a similar amount of information, but it doesn't have a link rejection tool. If spammy resources regularly link to the site, you can only create a support request.

Yandex differs from Google in having a webmaster support service where you can contact with a problem, and in some cases, you can get a non-standard answer. But you can't manually reject links. 

Neil Patel

Neil Patel offers not only to buy a lifetime subscription to his service but also to use the basic features for free. The report will contain data on the number of backlinks, donors, and the volume of organic traffic.


This is an ideal option for webmasters who are not yet ready to pay for a comprehensive link profile analysis. For basic tasks, free access to Ubersuggest will be enough. 


The service is one of the popular tools for analyzing links. There is no information about how large the database it has and how often the data is updated. However, when running domain analysis, the report is generated successfully.

The possibilities of Xtool in terms of backlink analysis are very limited. You can view data on 1000 backlinks, get a list of unique anchors, and find out the ratio of Nofollow and Dofollow.



In this article Check Website Backlinks, Linkpad is one of the well-known link analysis services, but its popularity ends on RuNet. In recent years, interest in it has decreased significantly. It was positioned as a free tool, but now the service also has a paid subscription.

On the free plan, you can analyze up to 10 domains per month. The report contains information about the number of external links, there is a table with addresses of donor pages, and history of link changes for 7 days.


8. How to choose the right service

To choose the ideal service for analyzing a link profile, you must first determine the tasks that it should solve. For example, if monitoring backlinks and email notifications are important, not every tool is suitable.

The issue of price is also relevant, but in most cases, you will have to pay $100-300 for access to the platform. If you promote several projects at the same time, this price is fully justified. 

Another important criterion is the relevance of the reference index. When updating data every few months, it will not be possible to generate a report with up-to-date statistics. 

Determine your budget

Any quality product costs money, and link analysis services are no exception. It is not necessary to buy a subscription for the maximum price, but if there are a lot of projects, it will not be possible to do without it.

You can save money by paying for access for six months or a year in advance. In addition, promotional codes are often found on the Internet, but they must be used with caution. Recently, Notion had a situation where private promo codes got publicly available and were quickly withdrawn.

Set goals

To find the perfect solution for your needs, make a list of requirements. This will take time, but you can check the checklist and make sure that the tool is suitable.

What should be included in the list:

  • number of projects;

  • command access;

  • email notification templates;

  • the number of analyzed backlinks;

  • availability of additional tools;

  • the cost of paid access.

Goal setting significantly reduces the time to make a decision. If the optimizer just wants to analyze the dynamics of the link profile of his site from time to time, you can use the free analysis in Semrush or Ahrefs. 

Take advantage of the rating of the best services

Our comparison table will help reduce the list of services to 2-3 optimal options. For example, the size of the link index clearly shows how many resources the platform has.


How To Check Website Backlinks

Ratings provide a lot of useful information, but it is also worth analyzing user reviews. They often write about disadvantages that are important to know before paying for a yearly subscription.


Take into account the limits and restrictions of the service

Most popular services limit the number of projects and team member accounts. Restrictions are also often imposed on the volume of analyzed links. If you do not know about them, you can waste time on registration. 

You can't rush to pay, but you can always request a refund. Many companies have a strict refund policy and will refund payment without giving a reason if the request was created within 7 days of payment.


9. How to check website backlinks: a step-by-step guide

Checking backlinks takes a little time thanks to automation tools, but you will need to take the time to analyze ready-made reports and configure the basic parameters of services. 

Each search marketing platform has its approach to data validation, but in most cases, you need to follow the same steps: select sites for analysis, register with the service, and crawl domains one by one or in bulk. 

Select a site for analysis

If website promotion is just starting, you need to know all the closest competitors. You can make a list even after a superficial analysis of the search results. It is enough to look at the TOP for relevant queries and highlight frequently encountered sites.

Many link analysis platforms automatically select competitors based on the intersection of queries from the semantic core. Thanks to this function, you can slightly reduce the amount of routine work.

Create an account/log in to the verification service

When registering with the service, be sure to specify the correct email address to restore access if necessary. You can log in with Gmail or other platforms to quickly create an account.

If there is a free trial period, it is worth activating it only if you have time to explore the features of the built-in tools. Otherwise, the trial will end quickly and you will have to use limited features.

Familiarize yourself with the interface and instructions for use

Popular services have a user-friendly interface and a large library of knowledge. In most cases, there is no need to contact technical support, but issues can be resolved via online chat or tickets.

Sometimes requests can be processed with a delay, so it's best to read the help section first. For example, SE Ranking has an excellent knowledge library with easy navigation.


Go to the Backlink Checker Page

If you cannot find the link mass analysis tool through the service menu, try entering it through the Google search bar. When you get to the desired page, enter the domain and wait for the report to be generated.


Each service has its characteristics, and the approach to data analysis may differ. For example, Semrush allows you to add up to three competitors for link profile comparison on a free plan.


Upload the information you need and analyze it

You can interact with the received data in the interface of the analytical platform or download it to your computer. Not all services offer the ability to import statistics without paying a subscription.

Semrush creates basic reports for free and can be downloaded to your computer or emailed. In the settings, you can also set the schedule for updating data and sending the report to the mail.


10. What to Look for When Analyzing Donor External Links

More on Check Website Backlinks, to make sure of the quality of the donor, it is necessary to conduct an in-depth analysis of the domain. Link metrics are important for link building, but you shouldn't focus on them alone. It is important to check the quality of content, design, as well as convenience, and other factors that services do not take into account.

To obtain objective data, you can use several analytical platforms at the same time. For example, Domain Authority by Moz is often used to evaluate donors, but the metric can be supplemented with DR, TF, CF, and other indicators.


Site and page trust

Each service has its approach to assessing the quality of a donor and a specific page. It cannot be said that somewhere the algorithms are better but somewhere worse. It is quite possible to focus on the indicators provided by Semrush, Ahrefs, and other tools.

The trust of the donor and the page is very important for link placement. The more weight a particular address has, the more benefit the recipient gets. Therefore, it is important not only to analyze domain metrics but also to select strong pages.

Traffic dynamics

In this article Check Website Backlinks, The dynamics of attendance is one of the main proofs of the quality of the site. If the traffic keeps at a consistently high level and there are no significant drawdowns on the chart, then the project has no problems with ranking.

In addition to traffic dynamics, it is also worth evaluating the distribution by source. For example, if 80% of visitors come from social networks, the project may have a bad reputation in search engines.


Linking Domain Dynamics

In link building, it is not the quantity that matters, but the quality of the links, but the dynamics of the link mass should always be positive. Very often, projects lose visibility at the same time as referring domains are lost.

You can evaluate the dynamics according to the schedule for the last six months and a separate report on lost donors. Almost every link analysis service has a widget with detailed statistics and convenient filters. 

Quality of referring domains

The quality of referring domains can be assessed by combining different factors. Webmasters analyze a large set of metrics, but in most cases, the list includes popular metrics.

Quality can be judged by:

  • domain authority - DR, DA;

  • link dynamics;

  • page spamming;

  • approach to placing links;

  • traffic dynamics.

To get the most out of link building, you need to place links on quality projects that will work for years to come. This is the only way to guarantee the preservation of links.

Types of Backlinks

If backlinks with the Sponsored attribute and commercial anchors predominate in the profile of the checked domain, you should carefully analyze it. Most likely, there will be no benefit from such placements.


The link profile of any site should be natural and include different types of backlinks. Search engines are constantly improving their algorithms for recognizing artificial links and penalizing projects that violate SEO guidelines.

Number of donor domains

Many factors influence the quality of links, but the most important is the weight of the donor. If a domain has 10–15 referring sites in its profile, this does not mean that it is of poor quality. Forbes-level projects can replace thousands of less reputable resources.


However, if there is a stable negative trend in the profile, it is better to refuse cooperation with the project and find better sites. This will protect you from problems in the future. 

Number of Check Website Backlinks

Large projects boast tens of thousands of backlinks, but sometimes the numbers can be misleading. For example, lost more than 1.5 million links in six months, but if you look at the graph for the entire time the site has existed, the situation will not be so bad.

It is important not only to look at the numbers but also to delve into the details. It may turn out that hundreds of doorways and other low-quality projects linked to the site, and then the owner made an effort to remove backlinks.

Link types and attributes

Links can be placed in pictures, forms, frames, and other HTML elements. All of them will be taken into account by search engine algorithms, but each will have its weight. For example, backlinks at the top of a page may be more valuable than those at the bottom.

SEO experts often argue about the relationship between weight transfer and link position on a page, but it's safe to say that a link's click-through rate affects link quality.


As far as attributes go, focus on creating a natural profile. And for this, it is important to get Dofollow, Nofollow, Sponsored, and UGC backlinks from quality resources.

Broken links Check Website Backlinks

Backlink analysis services also show broken links, which contribute to the loss of link weight. If the donor domain has a lot of them, you can remove them from the list of sites for link building.

Links to non-existent pages should also be removed from your site so they don't break the weight chain. If the service has a broken link detection feature, you should enable it to receive regular reports and fix problems in time.


Top pages by the number of links

Semrush, Ahrefs, and other services can not only show a summary report for a given domain but also highlight the best pages by the number of links. The more weight the URL has, the higher the backlink from such a page is valued from the point of view of search engines.

When analyzing links, you should not only pay attention to Yandex ICS or SEO services metrics but also look at the structure of the donor as a whole. If the site owner agrees to place a link on an old page with good traffic, it can bring much more value than a backlink from a new page.

Backlink checking services save a lot of time, but they cannot make a clear decision about the quality of the donor or the toxicity of the links. Some platforms have a huge database and good algorithms, but the manual analysis is never superfluous. 

11. Conclusion Check Website Backlinks

Link analysis is one of the priority tasks for SEO specialists and site owners. When promoting in search engines, links still play an important role.

You can use any services to analyze the link mass from the rating, but before paying for a subscription for a long period, you should make sure that the platform solves all the problems.


What is backlink checking services?

These are useful tools that provide complete information about the link mass of any site, including historical data and recent statistics.

How do backlink analysis services work?

Large platforms have their search index, which has been building up over the years. Service robots scan website content, add information to the database, and built-in algorithms systematize it and display it in a convenient format. 

Why Use Backlink Analysis?

Backlink analysis solves a large number of tasks: from selecting donors to monitoring purchased links. If you use the possibilities of services to the maximum, you can save a lot of time.


What to look for when choosing a backlink service?

On the size of the database, the frequency of updating information, tariff restrictions, the cost of a subscription, and other important factors.

What are the best backlink checking services in 2022?

Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Majestic, and more. You should also pay attention to Linkody and the free plan Ubersuggest.

Are there free tools for checking external links?

Semrush lets you use the basic tools for free, but you can't add more than one project to the interface. Xtool and Linkpad also provide a minimal amount of information, but for advanced analysis, you will have to buy a tariff in more advanced services.

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