Whiteboard Animation Beginners Create Guide

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Whiteboard Animation Beginners Create Guide

7 Tips for Creating Amazing Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard Animation Beginners Guide

Whiteboard Animation Beginners Guide: Have you ever seen videos that look like someone is drawing a story on a blackboard while explaining something? This style of video is called "whiteboard animation" and if you're not aware of its capabilities, you're in for a ride! 

Animated chalkboard videos are pieces that mimic an artist's drawing on a chalkboard in front of the camera. In the beginning, people did use real whiteboards and markers, but today it's usually done using digital animation, which makes the process cleaner and more efficient. 

But why is this video's design so potent? Messages are simpler to grasp and save when they are animated on a whiteboard. Yes, your marketing messages are part of that. They are said to have a strong teaching potential, which makes them ideal for explaining complicated concepts to your audience.

Companies that need to describe high-tech goods or services have found this style to be helpful. Additionally, it is helpful when you have to cover a lot of material quickly.

However, when approaching companies for their educational potential, there are a few things you should know before you start drawing on boards. So, take a couple of minutes and read the tips below. Your video will be much stronger because of this!

1. Never start without a script

The first step in creating any animated work is writing a script. The script is the basis of any video and will greatly simplify all subsequent steps (storyboard, illustration, animation ...).

2. Next comes the storyboard

Once you've finished with your script, it's time to start creating your storyboard. 

The storyboard should show all the main scenes of your video to make this process easier for the illustrators, animators, and voice artists (and everyone else involved in the project).

Whiteboard Animation Beginners Guide

You can think of it as a sketch for illustrations, or you can design the screens and link each one to the appropriate part of the script. Choose the way that works best with your animation team, but never skip a storyboard!

3. Keep in mind the characteristics of a whiteboard video

The magic of whiteboard animation videos is created by combining three basic elements: whiteboard, continuous drawing, and drawing hand.

  • The white part on the whiteboard is needed to help the message get through, so don't try to use different backgrounds. If you need to use a different background, maybe try a different format, like animated cartoon videos!
  • When a drawing is connected, it helps your audience follow the visual narrative while reinforcing the idea that this is an artist drawing on a board. This makes your story continuous and cohesive.
  • No drawing (or chalkboard animation) is complete without a hand-drawn hand! It just brings everything together. If you don't have a drawing hand, your video is a regular animated video, not a whiteboard.

4. Include elements that increase brand awareness

Does your whiteboard animation need to be black and white, with a classic structure and nothing else? Not necessary! Of course, you need to adhere to some aesthetic rules, but you can also have fun with them.

In this article Whiteboard Animation Beginners, Especially if your fun elements are designed to increase your brand awareness. Add some color! Use visual elements that make your brand recognizable - your brand colors, logo, or even sounds! Take a look at this example where the brand logo is part of the video's visual storytelling:

5. Encourage your target market to connect with your brand

Including your audience in your story is a great trick for making animated marketing videos perform exceptionally well. And it can prove especially useful as an extra layer of customization in your whiteboard animation videos.

6. Keep It Short and Sweet

People who use online environments frequently multitask and have short attention spans. How many tabs or open apps do you now see on your screen? Do you immediately pay attention to your emails, social media accounts, text messages, and the article you're reading (this one, I assume)?

Most likely, you are not completely focused on everything at the same time. That's why it's so important to grab your audience's attention from the start and keep it to the end.

Whiteboard Animation Beginners Guide

If you're making a short whiteboard video, you're more likely to keep your audience's attention all the way through. The best thing you can do is keep the video length between 60 and 90 seconds. This is enough to convey an interesting message and keep their undivided attention.

7. Focus on quality

More on Whiteboard Animation Beginners, Marketing videos, no matter what they are, are the best way to get your brand out to the world. They represent the interests of your brand, so they should always strive for the highest quality.

It may sound harsh, but in the mind of the customer, poor quality content equals poor quality products or brands. On the other hand, a brand that has high standards for its content is considered reliable and trustworthy.

This is science. behavioral science.

Ready to make a whiteboard video?

Let's wrap up! Whiteboard animations work great when you need to educate your audience because they help convey messages in a simple and visually interesting way.

  • These videos help convey any concept, no matter how complex it is.
  • They use the power of storytelling, combined with unconventional graphics to make it visually appealing.
  • They use animated characters, shaped according to your customer's characters, to bring the story together and give the video a very human touch.

And now you're ready to start creating your animated whiteboard videos. Put away your markers and start drawing!

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