Quality Backlinks | Link-Building

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Quality Backlinks | Link-Building

How To Get Quality Backlinks?

Quality Backlinks | Link-Building

This article will discuss 7 methods for obtaining quality links:

  • commercial method
  • Tactics Skyscraper
  • Link building strategy from obsolete resources
  • Content First Tactic
  • Complete Guides
  • Brand strategy
  • Author's resource pages

The commercial method of obtaining links

This method is used to promote commercial goods and services. Link donors are searched for on various sites that sell links or manually. When looking for donors, it is important to use the same theme of the site or the news portal of the local media. 

For the topic of the article, it is better to choose some kind of user guide on how to choose the right product from your subject or what to look for when buying a particular service. In addition, there are popular topics on how to do something yourself. Within the scope of this article, you give a very detailed guide, but you make it so deep that the potential reader should understand that it is probably easier to turn to professionals.

It does not make sense to make more than 2-3 links from one side if we talk about the fact that some amount is paid for each link. A very important point is that 75% of the content on the internet has no backlinks, so it's very easy to bypass most sites just by buying 1 link per page of the site. Of course, this is not true for competitive niches, when even 1000 links may not be enough.

The main innovation in terms of links in 2018 can be considered the accounting of user behavior. Thus, users should not only follow the link from the resource on which it is located but also show good behavior on the site being promoted. Of course, this is more true for Yandex, since Google launched such algorithms only not long ago. 

It is now believed that the presence of Yandex. Metrica is a positive factor, as it shows Yandex the behavior of users, which contributes to the active growth of the site's positions. For example, adding Yandex. Metrica to the "development" page raised the average position in Yandex from 20 to 1.

Tactics Skyscraper

In this article Quality Backlinks | Link-Building, A skyscraper is a content creation tactic where our skyscraper is based on more primitive articles. And it turns out that a skyscraper is being built, which combines all possible articles on this topic. This tactic allows you to create content that can then be mentioned in a sufficiently large number of well-known Internet resources. For example, the author of this technique boasts that he was able to use it to get links from such well-known portals as GoDaddy and Hubspot. He also demonstrates that he was able to attract about 4.5 thousand links.

He took the rather hackneyed topic of SEO Tools or SEO programs in Russian and made an overview of all currently existing programs. Of course, no one has done this before.

Let's step through the whole process by action:

1) You need to find a piece of content in your field that is sufficiently popular on the Internet in terms of links. To do this, enter this keyword in the search. Let in our case it will be Google:


2) Now you need to check how many sites link to the first 10 search results. If on average, more than a thousand links link to each result, then this means that your site can also get these links. 

This is because people very often link to content that is in the TOP 10 of the issue.

Next, you need to create content that will be 10-20 times better than the one that is in the issue. In this case, the author of this strategy wrote the article "The Complete List of SEO Tools". To do this, he had to disassemble more than 200 SEO tools. Of course, this kind of content takes a very long time to create, but this article has received 18 million social media shares!

3) So, now we need to promote our content as much as possible. And this is the most important thing in the whole strategy. Of course, the resulting article is 10 times better than the ones in the SERP, but no one knows about it yet, so it will not appear on Google itself. But this is not true for Yandex. 

More on Quality Backlinks | Link-Building, Because they play the key. role of the behavioral factor, then due to the technique that was described in the article " How to increase traffic by 2 times " you can get a large number of links without promoting the article. But if the option described in this article is not right for you, then you should start promoting your article. 

There are a million ways to do this. Below is the simplest and fastest: 

Write to the people you mention in your article

I've spent the past month writing an article about all the SEO tools.

I am glad to inform you that you are also in this article.

The article will be out in a week, so if you want to see it first, then let me know.

Sincerely, Help for Beginner CEO of Next Freelancer

And since I don't spam, most SEO tool developers will happily share this content on social media.

As you can see in the article, I am very impressed with your SEO tool.


Help for Beginner CEO of Next Freelancer

Link building strategy based on outdated sites

This strategy can generate hundreds of high-ranking links, which can greatly improve your SEO. To use this method, you need to find sites that meet one of these criteria:

  • Changed domain name
  • The article moved to new URLs and the site forgot to redirect
  • Service stopped working
  • The article is no longer relevant, as it has not been updated for a long time.
  • The site is no longer working

Let's look at each of these cases in practice. For example, when the site vkontakte.ru wanted to enter the foreign market and moved to the vk.com domain, a larger number of broken links were created in this way. There are quite a lot of situations when a free service becomes paid or is closed, but even more often domain owners decide to change the site structure and forget to specify redirects. 

For example, a year ago I forgot to renew the domain from a site where I posted a lot of lecture courses on programming. Based on these lectures, lecturers often gave lectures to university students. Since the thief did not update the content on the site, the traffic on the site fell from 2 thousand people a day to 500, as most of the articles lost their relevance in 5 years. And the banalest situation is if the site for some reason was closed forever.

The second step is to find resources that link to this site. Next, you need to sort them by rank to leave only those resources, the link from which will bring weight to your site.

After that, you need to write to the owners and administrators of these sites:

Good afternoon!

I spent the whole day looking for information about SEO tips and settled on your article.

It helped a lot, but I noticed a broken link on it.

As you probably heard, users close not only the broken link itself but also the site on which it was located.

Of course, you can remove this link from your article. Here is a screenshot of where it is located.

I think it can be a good addition to your article.

Since you are helping the site administrator to get rid of the broken link, he will gladly publish your article.

Content First Tactic

The content-first tactic was born out of a study that claims that 75% of all articles on the internet have no backlinks. This is not because these articles are bad, but because they do not force people to share this article with their environment. And the good news is that there are types of content that are known to boost virality significantly.

  • Lists (10 Best SEO Tools)
  • Quiz (Choose the best name for the burger)
  • Why (Why you should invest in SEO)
  • How (How to get backlinks)
  • infographics
  • Video

Another study shows that "Lists" have the highest virality among other types of content. Should this article be renamed "7 Ways to Get Links in 2018"?

Of course not, first of all, your article must be great!

Quality Backlinks | Link-Building

Complete Guides

To promote your site to the top of the search engine, you need to get as many links as possible from other sites.

But how do you get these sites to link to you?

Complete guides are guides that cannot be completed at the moment. They cover the topic completely.

Complete guides are a powerful backlink magnet.

Even those guides that were written a long time ago will still be able to attract link mass.

Why do full guides work so well?

One of the reasons is that most manuals have a large number of words in the text, so they are better indexed by the search engine.

Many studies show that the more thousands of characters in your article, the higher it is in Google search results. For example, the top 1 in the issuance of Google has an average of 3-4 thousand words.

The second reason is that the topic is completely covered on one page, so other authors will be forced to refer to you in their materials.

So, let's look at the strategy in more detail:

1) You need to find a good topic for your guide.

It is very important.

You need to choose a topic that is not completely worn out.

For example, the topic of link building is not disclosed in any way in the Russian-language segment:


While the SEO theme contains a lot of redundant guides:


2) You need to find as many related topics as possible to also describe them in the manual. For example, for the article "Link Building" one could take the following related topics:

  • What is SEO
  • Black SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • anchor
  • Content
  • Email newsletters
  • Search Suggestions

3) And the most difficult thing is to write a complete manual. Most importantly, don't be afraid to take on as much material as possible so that there is no material left that you haven't covered in the full guide.

Brand strategy

 Remember strategy number 3 from our guide?


You probably noticed that in this case, this strategy was not given a special name, but a pretty cool practice for getting free unique photos for an article is the usual print screens of your article... And this is one of the important ranking factors. 

But if you have invented your method or strategy and are a fairly large player in the market, then you can give your names to almost any method, and then all the traffic from the search for the query: 

Quality Backlinks | Link-Building

"Skyscraper Tactics - what is it" will become yours. Because it will be your name of the strategy and all other resources that want to talk about this strategy will also link to you. In general, this tactic with rather catchy names gives excellent results in the American market, but whether it will give the same results in Russia remains to be seen.

So, let's look at the whole method step by step:

1) Develop a unique strategy, tactic, or trick.

Of course, this sounds very complicated, but it is not. You should only make a small part of the strategy unique, not all of it. So we should just have something unique. For example, there is a very famous phrase: "You may not have unique ingredients, but a unique recipe."

Let's look at the Skyscraper strategy. In general, there is nothing unique in this tactic, since copywriters have been writing articles on the same principle for decades. In general, any copywriter opens 5-10 articles and writes one that is better than the previous 5. 

The main difference between the Skyscraper strategy and global practice is a more detailed search for a topic for an article. That is, in fact, in the classic strategy, such nuances are replaced that are generally of little importance, but the strategy becomes unique to your development and now you can give it a name.

2) Choose a name for your strategy

For example, the name "Skyscraper Tactics" is quite memorable, as it generally describes the main stages of the strategy, which is quite important. After you have chosen the name that the reader will associate with the strategies, you need to add one of the following words at the end:

  • Method
  • Technique
  • Tactics
  • Strategy
  • System

3) Post your strategy as part of a post on your site.

Joke. At this step, you need to show that your strategy works. For online promotion strategies, of course, you can simply publish this strategy on the site and try to promote it, and then post the results with an exclamation of how cool this article has collected 1000 links and a million views. Of course, without mentioning that any article on your site collects so much since you write articles for the site every day and are a recognized expert in this field in your area.

Of course, once you publish your strategy you don't have the numbers to convince people that it works and you write that it probably works. But over time, you will be able to update your post and enter new numbers there. At this stage, this post is a small test to test all the strategies that are described in it, and when we can collect data on these strategies, we will add them here.

The result of our strategy should be an article confirming that this strategy works. Let's move on to the strategy of the author's resource page.

Author's resource page

Resource pages are the dream of any SEO specialist.

Why? Because they exist to collect many links to third-party resources, of course. can be used.

That's all great, but how do you get links from these pages? Like all strategies in this article, I will detail the link building process step by step:

1) You need to find a resource page.

This will not be easy, as most authors do not name their page as a resource page, but give quite human names.

Typically, authors use the following expressions:

  • useful links
  • Useful Resources
  • Further Reading
  • Additional materials

Thus, to find resource pages, you must enter one of the phrases above + your key into the search. For example, for the topic "Quality Backlinks | Link-Building":


5 seconds and the desired page is found:


2) Now that the page is found, you need to carefully ask for a backlink.

Cool hint:

First, check the page for broken links, as they reduce the page conversion by 3-5 times.

Here is the script that is desired:

Hello [name]

I was reading articles on the topic [Top Title] and came across your article [Title Title]

Very good.

Hopefully, you'll have space on your "Page Title" page. Recently, I published a complete guide on the same topic. It would be cool if you posted a link to it.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Help for Beginner CEO of Next Freelancer

To be precise, this script is just a starting point. The more you can personalize each email, the more links you'll get.

Bonus strategy number 1: How to turn brand mentions into links

If a thread mentions your company or brand name in their article or post but doesn't link to you, then there is a method that can easily turn the mention into a link.

Why would it be so easy to do? Because the author has already mentioned you in the article. And this means that the author of the article already sympathizes with you. Therefore, it is enough to send a friendly letter:

Hello [NAME],

I am writing about your latest article: [Article title]

Great job!

I just want to say thank you for mentioning [Brand name] in your article. I appreciate this.

Also, if you have a minute, it would be great if you could put a link to my site.

Once again, thanks for the mention in your article, and have a nice day

Sincerely, Help for Beginner CEO of Next Freelancer

Bonus Strategy #2: Send Emotional Emails

When you send emails, you have two options:

  • Ask people to link to you
  • Send "emotional" emails

Based on the experience of thousands of companies, we can conclude that both methods work, but "emotional" emails increase conversion by 45%.

So what are "emotional" emails?

These are letters where we do not ask the recipient to link to us. Here is an example:

Hello [Name]!

I enjoyed your article on [Article Title]. Great experience!

I have never heard of this method before, but now I want to try it soon.

I am writing to you because I published an infographic for [Title of article + narrower topic].

Could you watch it and tell me your opinion about it?

Keep up your great work!

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