Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022

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Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022

Instagram Organic Promotion: Checklist

Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022

Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022: Recently, Instagram has taken the path of actively fighting bots, mass liking, and mass following. Automation can contribute to temporary restriction of access to the account, or 100% blocking. What to do? Is it possible now to increase the number of subscribers only by advertising?

No panic. In this article, we will tell you how to build an account organically, without bots and other "black" methods.

To get off the needle of mass liking and mass following, you need to start thinking about your audience and publish really interesting and useful content. Automated work with the social network has remained in history. Real communication and interaction came to the fore. The work will be long and difficult, but it is worth it.

1. Research your product or service

Take a close look at your offer and answer the questions: where are my potential customers, and how can I solve their problems with my product or service? Think about your target audience and don't try to sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo.

2. Make a content plan

After you have determined who your target audience is, it's time to think over your content strategy. Make it so that your subscribers are interested in you.

3. What about the competitors?

Look for pages similar to yours and leave comments there, answer questions. This will allow you to feel the pains of the audience and quickly give it what your competitors did not have time for, for example, a series of posts. 

Do it yourself, without the help of third-party programs, only in this case the social network will please you with good results.

4. Choose and use relevant hashtags

The issue of hashtags should be approached with special responsibility. Use the most relevant ones. You can add up to 30 pieces. Divide them into thematic, near-thematic high-frequency, and low-frequency. 

Hold on, anything is possible. And remember that advice means nothing without practice! Interesting publications and maximum interaction with your audience are a universal recipe for brand promotion on social networks in 2019.

More on Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022 Use social media tips. You can write them both in the post itself and the comments to the publication. Doesn't matter. The only advantage of publishing hashtags in a post is the ability to remove high-frequency hashtags in a couple of hours.

Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022

5. Promote your account on other platforms

If your brand is on other social networks, be sure to link them to Instagram. This will provide additional and effective interaction.

6. Don't miss geolocation tags

Using geolocation will help you grow your Instagram followers organically. Check-in at the most popular places in your city. And especially in those where your target audience "dwells".

7. Post Fresh and Relevant Content Regularly

Don't give your audience a chance to forget about you. Try to regularly share interesting content that will delight existing subscribers and attract new ones. However, you shouldn't get carried away either. Ideally, one post per day. 

For example, ( Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022 ) brands with large audiences post an average of 4.9 posts per week.

8. Find authors and communities that can talk about you

Post-high-quality content, add thematic tags and links to accounts like, for example, here.

Instagram Promotion Guide Beginners 2022

And if the moderators like your post, they can add it to their page with a link to you. Thus, your account will grow up completely free of charge.

9. Become a friend of a successful brand

Find popular accounts related to your topic. Make friends with them, and actively comment on their publications. The day will come and they will love you back, provided that you have at least quality content than theirs.

10. Ask followers to tag friends

Are you sure you wrote a useful post? Feel free to ask subscribers to tag their friends under it, who might be interested. Audience engagement and post retention increase reach and therefore increase the number of subscribers.

Know more interesting ways to organically promote your Instagram account? Share in the comments!

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