How To Write SEO Friendly Content

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How To Write SEO Friendly Content

What is SEO-friendly content?

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

SEO Friendly Content: The main component of any site is its content, the purpose of which is to attract the attention of visitors. The content should be friendly, because if it is difficult for a visitor to navigate or the content on your site is not clear at all, then most likely he will not stay on it, and you will lose a potential client, buyer, subscriber, customer, etc.

Quality content, when combined with technical SEO strategies, can satisfy the search intent and query of the visitor, as well as assist search engines in delivering the most relevant results.

In other words, SEO-friendly content is unique content that is carefully crafted and optimized using various SEO techniques to grab and hold the attention of readers and search engines. The content should provide value both for site visitors by answering their questions, and for search engines by helping them understand the content and give it a high ranking.


8 Steps to Create SEO Friendly Content

In this article SEO Friendly Content, To outperform your competitors in the world of digital marketing and rank high in the search engine results, you need to create SEO-friendly content that is optimized for user queries and search engine requirements. You can check the friendliness of content using Google Analytics or Yandex Metrika tools.

The process of creation and optimization involves taking into account several important aspects. Next, we will consider each of them in more detail.

1. Evaluation of the degree of usefulness of the content

First, you need to analyze the quality, usefulness, and variety of your content types by looking at them through the eyes of the user. At present, for the optimization and ranking of sites, it is important to take into account behavioral factors and user opinions. For this you need:

  • determine the target audience, what it is looking for on the network, and what type of content is most useful for this;

  • understand how your target audience forms and formulates their requests and what decisions or answers they expect to receive using your content;

  • determine how much the article is filled with links and whether there is a glut;

  • analyze whether your content is understandable and convenient for the perception of visitors.

In this way, you can find a balance between the interest of people and the requirements for SEO promotion.

2. Keyword analysis

Properly selected keywords are an extremely important part of modern SEO, which will help satisfy the search queries of the target audience and rank high in the search. When choosing target keywords, you need to determine:

  • what exactly people are looking for, namely the exact phrases that are used when searching the Internet, as well as the number of requests for a keyword;

  • the purpose and scope of the search;

  • resources, namely how you will compete with content that is already being used in search results. You may need to work on the words and phrases a bit and choose the most relevant keywords.

Here are some trusted sources for keyword research for SEO friendly content:

Key Collector

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

Google ADS Keyword Planner

How To Write SEO Friendly Content


How To Write SEO Friendly Content

3. Structuring and working out the readability of the content

To create high-quality content that will answer the questions of the target audience, structure it. By systematizing information, you ensure ease of reading, because the content must be presented in an understandable and convenient form.

When developing content, it is important to pay attention to:

  • clarity of structure, consistency, and coherence of the text;

  • smaller paragraphs that make it easier to read and have subheadings;

  • keyword density level;

  • use of numbered and bulleted lists;

  • length of words and sentences, style of writing.

In this article SEO Friendly Content, Ahrefs, Istio, Miratext, and TextAnalyzer services will facilitate the work with content.

4. Create catchy headlines

An important point is to create eye-catching headlines, as they increase readability and have a big impact on SEO. A properly optimized SEO title should contain the target keyword at the beginning, an accurate description of the article, and be no longer than 60 characters.

5. Content update

If your site already contains attractive and in-demand content, then you need to keep it relevant for search engines. For example, if you change the publication date and edit the text a little, this will help search engines index your site again.

It is important to create new content regularly because search engines are tuned to return the best and most recent results.

6. Optimization of URL, metadata, images

For better rankings, it is important to create SEO optimized URLs:

  • compose URL in the form of CNC (human-readable URL) with a keyword on each page. This will help search engines better identify the page and improve your site's visibility;

  • create relevant and simple URLs by shortening or removing unnecessary words;

  • You must use a hyphen to separate words.

  • use only lowercase letters, because uppercase letters can result in a 404 error on some servers;

  • try not to use stop words such as a, an, but, and or.

Visual content is the best way to grab the reader's attention. Since Google cannot read the text in images, but only interprets and adapts its content, it is necessary to optimize images. To do this, you need to register the alt and title attributes, captions for pictures, and file names.

To attract more traffic, you need to correctly configure meta tags - this is a summary of the content that is used for ranking by search engines and affects the issue. 

The snippet should look attractive and informative because this is the first thing the user sees on the search engine results page. The best solution is to include keywords in the description and avoid using stop words. Correct if it does not match the title.

7. Adding relevant links, microdata, and social media buttons

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

Linking within the site helps to organically fill the content with internal and external links. This is an added value, as internal links are an effective way to reduce bounce rates, increase the time a reader spends on a site, and help search engines understand the relevancy of content. An important condition is a moderate amount of external links from domains with a good reputation.

It is necessary to add micro-markup to the pages of the site, as it allows you to create rich snippets that increase click-through rate and the amount of traffic.

The best way to check validation is to use Google's Structured Data Markup Wizard.

Adding social media buttons to your site helps keep the reader interested in the content and allows them to share it.

8. Content optimization for mobile devices

How To Write SEO Friendly Content

Responsive website design and content optimization for mobile devices is a must for search engines, which helps to rank sites well. Content must be provided in a readable and easy-to-navigate format. 

It is necessary to analyze and take care of your site loading speed and content display. You can see how the user sees pages from a phone or tablet and check the site for its “mobility” using Google Mobile-Friendly.

Correct display of the material makes it SEO friendly.


Creating SEO-friendly content is a very time-consuming process, but the result is worth it. By following the above tips and tricks for optimizing and creating SEO-friendly content, you will be able to get the most out of your website content. 

More on SEO Friendly Content, Quality and compelling content paired with SEO strategies will lead to more customers, through website rankings and high positions in the SERPs will also make visitors stay longer and come back to your site and share your content.

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