Top Google Ranking Facets

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Top Google Ranking Facets

Google Ranking Facets

Top Google Ranking Facets

Top Google Ranking Facets: Site ranking is the distribution of sites by search engines in the search results for a specific query. For a site to rank high in search engines, it must match the maximum number of ranking factors.

There are over 1200 ranking factors. At the same time, in the classical scheme, 5-6 main groups can be distinguished into which all these factors are divided:


1. Host (site-wide).


These factors include the site's age, the presence of an SSL certificate, the domain zone, the kind of resource, the availability of certain features, and many others.


2. Technical


Technical factors include download speed, document size, and other parameters that indicate the site's technical status.

3. Text


The group of text ranking factors evaluates how much the page text reveals the need (intent) of the user and helps him in solving the problem.


4. Reference


 The main factors are the quality of links and their weight.


5. Commercial


The core of Google's commercial ranking formula is an assortment, trust, ease of choice, quality of service, and design. The search evaluates the availability and value of prices, information about the company, reviews, and much more


6. Behavioral (internal and external)


Google is trying to solve the user's problem - to evaluate whether he was able to find the information he was interested in using the search, order a product or service, and satisfy his needs.


Main groups Top Google Ranking Facets

Top Google Ranking Facets

Content: Good and relevant content ranks better and is recognized by such signals

  • Writing style

  • Position of key and related terms in the text

  • A large number of characters

  • Use of media content

In this article Top Google Ranking Facets, Even if your site is visually good and filled with quality content, it cannot be fully developed if there are technical inaccuracies. It is mandatory to check for duplicate content, broken links, quality of transitions, and so on. 

Technically optimized page

  • Convenient Structure
  • Fast page loading
  • Title and Description meta tags added
  • Closed meaningless pages from indexing;
  • Now it's time to wait for the server to respond.

And this is only a tiny part of the ranking factors, the algorithms and criteria for ranking sites are constantly changing and improving.

So, in 2021, Google introduced a new quality assessment factor - Core Web Vitals. There are more than ten of these factors, but there are three most important:

  • The speed of rendering the main content on the page.
  • The minimum wait time before the first interaction with the content.
  • The visual stability of the content and the absence of any obstacles to interact with it.

That is, now the priority is sites that render faster, look correct, and with which the user can begin to interact faster.



More on Top Google Ranking Facets, A large number of external links linking to your site has a positive effect on its ranking on Google. External links that lead to our site are important:

  • Quality

  • Quantity

But on July 26, 2021, an announcement was made on the official Google blog about the launch of a new update aimed at combating link spam - Spam Link Update. After which sites with (purchased), spammy links began to lose positions in Google.

On its official blog, Google has made it clear which types of links can lead to manual penalties and downgrading of a site in search results. 

The new algorithms apply to both incoming and outgoing links. In short, it is now possible to get penalized for a large number of affiliate links without specifying the rel=” sponsored” tag. Posting a lot of outbound sales links will cause the site to be lowered in the search results. 


Behavioral factors

This refers to indicators that characterize the behavior of site visitors. With their help, search engines determine how convenient and useful the site is for the user.

  • Bounce rate

  • Time on site

  • CTR

  • Positions

  • Number of pages viewed

This list can also include social evidence - the activity of the reaction of the target audience to the content of the site on social networks. This parameter does not directly affect the ranking, but search engines take this into account as one of the factors.


Security and privacy. HTTP

Top Google Ranking Facets

In August 2014, Google announced that sites on which data will be transmitted via the HTTPS protocol will receive a ranking bonus. Since then, nothing has changed, all sites that are promoted in the Google PS (and Yandex) must be under the secure HTTPS protocol.


Commercial Top Google Ranking Facets

These factors determine the quality of the site, so they have some value when sorting the site in the SERP. For example, a person will not want to buy anything in an online store if it does not contain company contacts or product prices.

And if the site does not have a form to fill out for the purchase of goods, then it will be impossible to buy something.

The main indicators of the quality of an online store, which both users and search engines pay attention to, include:

  • phone numbers and other contacts on all pages;

  • the "Buy" or "Order" button next to each product;

  • button or link to the shopping cart on all pages;

  • the price next to each product or service;

  • all common browsers display the site correctly;

  • information about the delivery of goods and available payment methods.


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