13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

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13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners : The demand for video content is constantly growing. People are making money from YouTube, streaming content live on Twitch, and even starting their own OTT video subscription companies like Netflix.

It's important to harness the full power of video content (if you haven't already). And if you're a good video editor, you can turn almost any piece of raw footage into a masterpiece.

Whether you want to sell your online course, create a YouTube channel, or build a professional portfolio, you need the best software.

In this post, we will review and compare the best video editing software to use this year.

This includes:

  • The best software for PC.
  • The best software for Mac.
  • The best free video editors.
  • The easiest video editors to use.
  • The best software for producing high-quality videos.
  • The best software for small businesses.
  • The best green glow screen software options.
  • And much more.


When it comes to selecting the best video editing software, there are numerous factors to consider. For example, the computer you're using, the file transfer order (inputs), editing functions, filters, transitions, video, and audio settings, and how video files are produced are all factors to consider (outputs).


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The best video editing software for Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the best video editing application in Adobe Creative Cloud. Workflows are well integrated into it, so you can edit videos without leaving your schedule. This software saves you time thanks to Adobe Sensei technology, which provides a set of automated tools.

You may work with the most recent video formats using Premiere Pro CC. You can edit videos in both virtual reality and ultra-high-definition 8k. Premiere Pro CC captures content that is optimized for every screen. This software is compatible with other leading Adobe CC products such as Adobe Stock, Audition, and After Effects. Therefore, you can easily download a motion graphics template from Adobe Stock or After Effects without leaving the Premiere Pro interface.

It has one notable feature - the pass-through capabilities of the VR 180.

You can create the most breathtaking videos and:

  • Expand VR 180 support that optimizes your effects and format.

  • Publish your content to YouTube, Vimeo (or other platforms) using their Google VR180 format.

Color grading and color correction are also very useful features. With the Lumetri Color tools, your curve adjustments become more precise, and the color settings remove the green-glow screen video background.

Premiere Pro does a great job with audio editing as well. With the innovative sliders in the Essential Sound panel, you can easily add effects such as reverb, flanger, compression, gain, and stereo balance. In addition, with the built-in "Adobe Audition" functions, you can bring the sound to a professional level.

Ultimately, Premiere Pro gives you a complete package that can come in handy for creating professional videos. As a beginner, you will love their streamlined interface, especially the drag and drop tools, as well as the dedicated mobile app.

Premiere Pro is my #1 in this category due to its powerful features and free trial.

Get started with Adobe Premiere Pro today.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The best video editing software for Mac

Final Cut Pro X is a professional video editing suite that perfectly combines professional video features with a smooth learning curve for users.

With over 2 million users and a drastically reduced price (from $999 to $99) on Amazon, it's more popular than ever.

The interface uses a three-pane, no-track magnetic timeline view, which is great for dual-monitor use. Clips can be imported and organized as roles in a library, which can be videos, music, titles, voiceovers, effects, and more.

When the video production is completed, you will be able to use 149 video effects, 109 audio effects, 183 title animation templates, and 100 transitions. These transitions are easy to implement with keyboard shortcuts, which can be saved with custom keyboard shortcuts.

Final Cut Pro X has built-in support for MacBook Pro Touch Bar Editing, allowing you to use touch controls for things like scrolling the timeline and adjusting text. Text editing is also quite fun, thanks to its 3D capabilities. There are various 3D patterns, textures like plastic and concrete, and lighting effects that you can add to your screen from any angle.

Some other great features include multi-camera editing, unlimited video tracks, chroma-key, format support with many export options like 4k and 360 videos, and ultra-fast performance even on older MacBooks.

Final Cut Pro X is the best choice for Mac users looking for power, advanced features, ease of use, and speed.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Best Offline Video Editing Software ($63.99)

Corel VideoStudio Pro is a video editing software that helps with storyboarding and timeline editing.

The software helps you turn images into movies and offers a variety of creative effects, project templates, title presets, transitions, over 1500+ filters, and more.

The slideshow maker also helps you create movies and slideshows with many template options - you just need to add your media. You can also merge photos, videos, and audio across multiple tracks.

The MultiCam Capture Lite feature allows you to simultaneously record screen and webcam data and create a video. Sub-products such as Corel Painter and PaintShop Pro can also help you create your animated overlays, static graphics, and live drawings.

The video editing software also provides all the necessary editing tools for trimming and splitting videos right on the timeline. You can change the aspect ratio and rotate or change the video the way you like.

In addition, you can remove fisheye distortion with the lens correction function and adjust the temperature with the color correction tool. The color correction feature will also help you bring out the colors in your videos with auto adjust, saturation, and more.

Also, you can add subtitles to your videos, record a voice-over, fade and overdub audio with muting, and much more.

Intel and Nvidia processors and graphics cards are supported by the program. This helps to accelerate rendering in all of the most popular file formats.

Here are some of its other salient features:

  • Optimized for 4k display;
  • Drag and drop video editing;
  • Multi-camera editing;
  • Support 360-degree video editing;
  • Frame-by-frame animation;
  • Pan and zoom;
  • Color and lens correction;
  • Chroma key/screen with green glow;
  • Split-screen video;
  • Voice over recording and adding subtitles;
  • batch processing;
  • Create custom motion paths, overlays, shapes, and more;
  • Getting new textures, gradients, templates from NewBlueFX, Boris X, etc.;
  • Convert 360-degree video to Tiny Planet or Rabbit Hole effects (spherical panoramas).


VideoStudio Pro usually costs $79.99 but sells (20% off) for $63.99. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get 20% off VideoStudio Pro.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The best video editing software for beginners

Thanks to its versatility, Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best video editing tools for beginners.

Premiere Elements has many great features such as hundreds of transition effects, improved face detection, haze removal, focus adjustment, and more. There is also a real-time search function, a guided editing interface, video collages, and touch editing.

Adobe Premiere Elements is not compatible with 360 video and other innovative features such as multi-camera editing. All this is excusable, given the wide range of its capabilities.

There are three modes for creating videos: Quick, Custom, and Expert.

In "Quick" mode, you can choose your preferred medium for your video and the program will place it on the timeline for you. It automates aspects of your video like automatic motion tracking, video stabilization (great for a GoPro), and smart tinting.

"Custom" mode is more convenient, as the name suggests. The software introduces you to its features and you learn each interface component and how it works as you work.

In addition, the Expert mode is more suitable for more advanced users and you are in control. Although Adobe Premiere Elements isn't as advanced as the other tools on this list (nor is it the fastest), it's still a great entry-level app.

It only costs $69.99 and they have a free trial.

Overall, this is a great all-in-one tool available for both Mac and Windows 10 PC.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The easiest video editor for Windows

EaseUS is a company that has been around since 2004 and is known for its popular data recovery software that has been downloaded over 72 million times in total. They recently created a new video editor that has become very popular due to its simplicity, ease of use, and great features.

You can try their video editor (there's a free trial), or buy the professional version for just $17.97.

Their video editor offers many timeline editing features such as cut, crop, split, merge, and rotate. You can also apply video effects, use the 50 built-in transition effects, and change the speed of your videos for slow or fast playback.

Their tool also makes audio editing easy. You can talk about videos with one click and add any music file to your timeline.

Videos can be played on iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, and other devices thanks to EaseUS Video Editor's numerous export choices. You can either burn video files on DVD or post them to YouTube directly. You may also convert YouTube videos to MP3 with EaseUS products. 

EaseUS Video Editor is a great option with over 530 million customers, free technical support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. This is a simple low-cost video editor for Windows that anyone can use.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Best Simple Video Editor for Mac OS X (Free - $39.95)

Movavi is a video editor for Mac that allows you to record, convert, enhance and edit your videos. The video editor will help you with all types of videos, including wedding videos, travel videos, birthday movies, home movies, etc.

You can add captions, filters, and dynamic transition effects to your movies to make them more engaging. To add to your videos, you may also use Movavi's pre-made intros. You can tweak the intro even more to fit your needs.

You can even choose and buy hundreds of transitions, stickers, video intros, backgrounds, titles, and more from the Movavi Effects Store.

You may also use the video editor to crop and rotate your movie to your liking. Furthermore, you may simply erase or change the background of your video clips with "Chroma Key."

Now you can set the aspect ratio to your liking. The tool provides a suitable aspect ratio for social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Movavi also allows you to perform several functions with one click, including:

  • Give your videos a retro look (for example, a flashback from the 80s);
  • Insert transitions;
  • Show stories with a picture-in-picture feature;
  • Get rid of shaking in the video;
  • Add transitions between all segments;
  • Cut and join.

Moreover, you can use the Movavi tool to record screens and convert media files with Video Suite full plan.

Here is a list of some of its top benefits and pros:

  • Supports all major formats such as DivX Video (.divx), GPP (.3gp), 3GPP2 (.3g2), etc.;
  • Provides video editing features such as styling, pan and zoom, video stabilization, and more;
  • Movavi also helps keep audio in sync;
  • You can add up to 99 tracks to one timeline;
  • Faster 1080p and 4k video processing with Plus version;
  • Allows you to use special effects such as Chroma Key and Slo-Mo;
  • There is a collection of video and audio;
  • The ability to change the filter's intensity;
  • Preview clips frame by frame;
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac;
  • Customer support 24/7;
  • How-to instructions, a knowledge base, and a learning site are all available.


Movavi Video Editor has two versions: Video Editor and Video Editor Plus.

  • Video Editor: $39.95
  • Video Editor Plus: $59.95
  • Video Suite: $79.95

Both editions come with a free trial version, allowing you to try out the tool before purchasing it for more sophisticated capabilities. In addition, all programmes include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Video Editor Plus version comes with additional features such as title keyframe animation, overlay video, stickers, etc. You can purchase Video Suite to use other products such as Movavi Video Converter and Video Recorder.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The best free video editing software for Windows

MiniTool MovieMaker is a powerful free video editor that makes it easy to create and edit high-quality videos in minutes. Its simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to import files and add titles, transitions, and effects.

Their Hollywood-style movie trailer tool is another amazing feature. You select a ready-made template, import your recordings, then save or share the films with family and friends.

Here is a list of its key features:

  • The function of automatic saving of the project;
  • A video trimmer that makes it easy to trim and split video files;
  • Creative filters and professional LUTs create a pleasing visual aesthetic;
  • Animated titles and subtitles;
  • Lots of transition effects to choose from;
  • To add action to your videos, use pan and zoom results.
  • Speed ​​controller that allows you to speed up, slow down and rewind clips.

The team is also constantly releasing new features and updates, including YouTube video downloads, adding text templates, bug fixes, and stability improvements.

All in all, MiniTool MovieMaker is one of the best free video editing software that works with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 computers.


Best Solution for Interesting Visual Effects ($54.95)

Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software that helps in advanced video editing and screen recording. It features hundreds of effects, overlays, video masking, title editors, color grading, 360-degree video editing, and more.

The good news is that the software supports older video formats such as VHS, Hi8, V8, and more. And you can convert all those old formats to digital.

MultiCam Capture allows you to capture video and audio from numerous cameras at once. You may also connect multiple devices and capture video and audio in sync. You may use this function to make a variety of videos, including unboxing videos, tutorial videos, and more.

The software also lets you create custom motion title graphics and control every aspect of your video, including motion, effects, and overlays. Plus, you get all the editing tools you need to trim, crop, rotate, and split your videos.

Among the advanced features are color setting, color correction, as well as LUTs, and filters. The color setting function helps you adjust colors, highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, while color correction helps you adjust white balance and correct underexposed scenes.

Color Setting provides other advanced controls such as Tone Curve, Color Wheel, Selective Vectorscope, HSL Adjustment, and more.

There is a green screen or "Chroma key" feature that allows you to remove or change the background of any video with any image or video you want.

You can also add sound, record narration and voice-over, or mute or mute the sound with just a couple of clicks.

In addition, the software comes with add-ons such as video capture, DVD authoring, and many other third-party plug-ins.

Here's a quick review of some of the most crucial elements:

  • 100+ MyDVD menu templates;
  • color setting;
  • Support 4K video editing;
  • Editing multi-camera videos with up to 6 cameras;
  • Motion tracking with a mosaic blur;
  • Editing an unlimited number of tracks;
  • Cloning objects and combining clips;
  • Eliminate distractions;
  • Using time remapping to create fast or slow-motion effects;
  • Faces can be brightened, backgrounds blurred, licence plates censored, and other areas modified.


Pinnacle Studio offers three pricing options:

  • Pinnacle Studio 24: $54.95
  • Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus: $89.95
  • Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate: $109.95

All plans offer features such as a title editor, keyframe controls, color correction tools, and more.


Simple Online Video Editor for Windows and Mac ($7.99 per month)

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing tool for Windows and Mac that includes drag-and-drop effects, templates, audio, filters, and soundtracks.

You also get a lot of features at your disposal, such as a split-screen, motion tracking, green glow screen, and more. The keyframe feature helps you add custom animations between cutscenes, while motion tracking helps with intuitive object tracking. There's also a color matching feature that allows you to use the color settings of one clip and apply them to other clips in the video.

The video editor even lets you assign hotkeys to different keys for different tools to save you time.

In addition, you can add various transitions, filters, motion elements, clips, audio, titles, etc. using the drag and drop functionality.

You also get a green glow screen feature that allows you to change or remove the background of your video.

Also, you can use "Audio Dive" to decrease the background music volume and jump from one audio track to another.

Other key features include:

  • Keyboard shortcut;
  • color gradation;
  • Upload your videos directly to YouTube from Filmora;
  • Mac hardware acceleration for fast editing;
  • Media layer blend mode for special effects.


Filmora offers the following plans:

  • Monthly billing: $7.99 per month;
  • Annual fee: $44.99 per year;
  • Annual Business Plan: $155.88 per user per year;
  • One-time payment: $69.99.

All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Great online tool for everyday use (free version - $39/month)

Clipchamp is a free video editor and webcam recorder, converter, and compressor. It also provides features such as cropping, speed control, audio track, color adjustment, rotation, cropping, adding text, and more.

In addition, this tool allows you to create Youtube videos, Instagram video ads, video memes, Facebook covers, slideshows, etc. You can use the Clipchamp Facebook ad maker tool to advertise your company there. It also comes with ad templates and audio templates to help you create compelling ads.

The video editor also offers customizable templates to help you create social video ads, corporate slideshows, cinematic presentations, and more. You can choose from thousands of stock videos and photos to use in your video. They have over 800,000 items in their image and video library.

In addition to the usual video editor, Clipchamp provides many additional tools. For example, it offers video compression and conversion tools that you can access directly from your web browser. Use them to reduce the size of your video and convert videos to various video formats.

You can also perform actions such as crop and cut, rotate, split and merge, flip, mirror, and more. In addition, the tool allows you to create video memes and record them from your webcam and screen.

The drag and drop user interface for video editing in this software is also a bonus. It allows you to easily add audio, photos, and videos to the timeline in your web browsers.

Add filters and transitions, as well as balance colors, add backdrops, and change opacity, using the filter and transaction libraries. To change the aspect ratio of your videos, you can also utilize free online video resizer software.

Here are some other important features of this product:

  • Screen Capture - You can now capture your computer screen along with the audio. You can even further edit these videos;
  • Green Glow Screen - Change or remove the background of your videos with Green Glow Screen Video Editor free online;
  • Picture in Picture - use this feature to broadcast lectures, reactions, games, etc. Video with a free online picture in graphic video editor;
  • AI Voice-Over - The AI ​​Voice-Over feature turns text into speech and allows you to choose any speaker of your choice. This feature can help you shoot documentaries, audio advertisements, etc.;
  • Audio Visualizer - Clipchamp's Audio Visualizer helps you convert audio recordings into dynamic animations.


Clipchamp offers five pricing plans:

  • "Basic": a free version (for personal use);
  • "Creator": $9 per month (for temporary use);
  • "Business": $19 per month (suitable for work and business);
  • Business Platinum: $39 per month (full business package);
  • "Teams": based on quotes (best for large teams).

The "Basic" plan allows you to export 480p (SD) video, while the "Creator" plan allows you to export 720p (HD) video. All other plans offer the ability to export 1080p (Full HD) video.

All plans provide all the necessary editing tools, webcam and screen recording, and unlimited video production.


For Mac and iOS, the Best Free Video Editing Software

Whether you're using a macOS or iOS device, Apple iMovie is the best free video editing software and one of the most popular apps of its kind. iMovie is a handy 4k video editing tool with a wide range of features.

iMovie works great on modern Macs and works great with both Macbook Air and Macbook Pro.

The latest updates include touchpad support and 4k video features. You can also process video clips at up to 60 frames per second. Video effects include a green glow screen, video filters, and multi-camera editing.

Its compatibility with Apple is also a significant selling point. From iCloud, you can effortlessly import and export video clips, audio, and images. You can also use Apple TV to make slideshows and watch your creations. In addition, there are many useful iMovie tutorials on the Internet to help you use this free software.

The export options are also simple, with exports available in the most common file formats.

All in all, if you want a simple and free video editor for macOS, try iMovie.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Easy video editing for tablets, smartphones, and PCs

If you're looking for advanced functionality, look elsewhere.

But, if you just want a free tool to quickly add elements like titles and music to your videos on the go, Microsoft Movie Moments is a good choice.

There are several background music options, including pre-composed themes with well-known titles such as "Funky", "Strolling" and "Energetic". You also have the option to import music. When it comes to audio tools such as volume control or voiceover, there is little to offer in other video editing apps.

They offer some smooth-to-sharp transition effects as well as opening freeze frames. These features compensate for the editor's inability to add transitions between sub-rolls, as in CyberLink PowerDirector.

Microsoft Movie Moments makes it easy to share videos over the Internet. On Windows Phone and PC compatible tablets, click their Share button and post the video on platforms like Facebook, Dropbox, OneNote, Skype, and Twitter.

You can download Microsoft Movie Moments for free from the Windows Store. The video software takes up no more than 15.7 MB, making it an easy-to-use tool. It is also compatible with ARM and Intel-based PCs, tablets, and smartphones, but does not work well with devices such as iPads, iPhones, or Android-based devices.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this article for which I received a small reward. But still, these are the best tools that I wholeheartedly recommend when it comes to video editing. You can read all information about the affiliate program in my privacy policy.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Good choice with many add-ons

HitFilm Express is a free version of HitFilm Pro created by FX Home. Their express version stands out for its 180+ visual effects, special effects tool, and MP4 H.264 export support.

With HitFilm Express you can choose high-quality settings. These include pause and custom playback features. These features speed up playback, saving you the annoyance of viewing delays familiar with high-definition formats.

Another powerful feature is the customizable layout panel. HitFilm Express allows you to arrange the objects in your scene using smooth alignment tools. You can also access the 360-degree workspace and colorist workspace. With these features, you can focus on the vital functions on the panel and remove unimportant things.

Hitfilm Express excels at video rendering and exporting. While working in the editor, you can instantly export your video in the background.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Great Video Editing Software for YouTube

If you're into YouTube, VideoPad is an easy-to-learn and intuitive editor.

There are two paid versions - Home Edition and Master Edition. The Home Edition limits you to two audio tracks and there are no external plug-ins. On the other hand, the Master Edition has limits on the number of audio tracks or external plug-ins.

VideoPad has recently been updated and now supports 360-degree video capabilities. You can also add animated titles, background movies, plain text, and image overlays using the new Add Objects command located on the Editor's Home tab.

One of the most attractive features of the VideoPad is its intuitive user interface, which makes it very easy for beginners. VideoPad is compatible with macOS and Windows computers.

With these cross-platform elements, you can easily upload your finished video directly from the editor's main menu to your chosen social media platform.

What VideoPad lacks in brightness it makes up for in ease of use and the essential features you need to start uploading quality videos to the web, and you can render anywhere from 480p to 4k.


13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

The best video editing software for education

WeVideo is a cloud platform known for its many video editing software for companies and teachers.

Teachers can easily integrate WeVideo with your current LMS (eg Google for Education, Canvas…) making it easy for you and your students to export projects. There are software packages designed for learning, from individual teachers to school districts.

For entrepreneurs and marketers, there are several software packages to choose from. With "Professional" and "Business" you get access to an unlimited number of free and licensed stock visual and audio files. Standard features include project customization with branded logos and designs, as well as the ability to upload a video project directly to your company's social media platform.

You can easily edit videos on all devices like Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Android and iOS mobile devices. The green glow screen can be used for creative background videos. WeVideo has a free video editing plan, but it only allows you to post up to 5 minutes per month.


Video editing software helps you modify, edit and manage video files in timeline format to create movies and short videos.

Video editors help you fix video frames, add text, images, colors, filters, and more. You can also add audio, speech, and background music to the video.

In addition, there are other useful features:

  • Helps to cut parts of your video;
  • Removes parts of your video;
  • Arranges different clips and frames in a video in different ways to achieve better playback;
  • Adds special effects and filters to enhance video quality;
  • Adds music and sound to video clips.


Here are a few important points to consider before making your final choice of video editing software.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility - Choose video editing software that supports multiple platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux. This will give you the ability to use video editing software on any PC.
  • File formats and support - It should be able to read and write important video, image, and audio formats, including MP4, MP3, jpg, WAV, and others. This will give you the much-needed flexibility to edit whatever you want.
  • Easy Movie Editing – It should be able to resize, scale, snap or crop the movie with a few simple mouse clicks. The software should also allow you to edit clips from different locations, X or Y axes, etc. These features will help you edit videos from different angles.
  • Live Preview - You should be able to see the edited video in real-time to better understand your work.
  • Smooth Video Transitions - Video transitions can help you seamlessly and intuitively connect two clips. Look for a video editing tool that offers a variety of transition effects for unique video editing.
  • Custom Titles and Graphics - Your video editing software should offer multiple options for titles, fonts, colors, and transitions for different video requirements.
  • Timeline editors. To complete a great video editing project, you need a full timeline. Look out for features such as drag and drop, preset animation, zoom in and out, resize clips, straighten, snap, cut, etc.
  • Speed ​​Control - You should be able to control the speed of your video. Choose a video editing platform that allows you to zoom in or out on your video playback.
  • Audio Editing - Audio editing features such as displaying waveforms on the timeline and rendering waveforms as part of a video are also useful. In addition, the software should also allow you to separate audio from a video clip and set up audio channels separately.

Be sure to consider all these features before choosing the right video editing software.


Here, I use Movavi to help you understand how the basic features of video editing software work.

Step 1 Create a project.

Click "Create New Project" or press Ctrl + N to create a new project.

Step 2 Add files.

Click on the "Add Files" option or simply drag and drop files onto the timeline.

Step 3 Editing icons.

You get a few basic editing options, like:

  • Delete;
  • Cutting down;
  • Turn;
  • crop;
  • Clip properties;
  • Color adjustment.

Step 4 Using tabs.

Edit the tabs on the left to add transitions, effects, titles, stickers, filters, tools, and more.

Step 5 Add transitions and filters.

Just drag and drop filters and transitions onto the timeline; they will be added automatically.

Step 6 Add audio.

Follow these simple steps to add sound:

Click the Import tab > Select File Import Category > Click the Add button.

You just drag & drop the audio file.

It also has built-in music and soundtracks that you can use in your videos. Click the "Music" or "Sound" category to select an audio file from Movavi's free music storage.

Step 7 Add some text

To add text or headings, click on the "Headings" option on the left to view the collection of headings. View a preview by clicking on the title style and on the heart icon to add it to your video. You can also drag the title style onto the timeline.

You can edit the titles to your liking. To do this, double-click on the button with the title to view the settings panel. You can edit the text, change its duration, change the font, add colors, and more.

13 Best Video Editing Software And Free Tools For Beginners

Step 8 Save the video.

Follow these steps to save your edited video:

Click the "Export" button, Select the file format, Give the file a name And then click the "Start" button to start processing the video.

Follow these simple steps to start editing videos in video editing software.

And here are some other well-known video editors that were not on the list above:

  • VSDC
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Magix Movie Edit Pro
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Lightworks
  • Shotcut Open Source
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Windows Movie Maker 10


That's it, it's the best video creation software. Whether you're a seasoned pro, a beginner, or just a tech enthusiast, I hope you've found this guide helpful.

As a reminder, if you are looking for the best video editor, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

And for Mac users, Final Cut Pro X.

If you are a beginner and want a cheap option with lots of features, Adobe Premiere Elements is the one to go for.

Finally, iMovie, the best free movie editing program for Mac, can be downloaded.

What video editing software do you use? Is there anything more I should include here? Please let me know in the comments section.

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