Best Types of Backlinks for SEO

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Best Types of Backlinks for SEO

Best Types of Backlinks for SEO

Types of Backlinks for SEO: While surfing the Internet, we are used to seeing various links inside the text, articles, and social network posts. Such links direct either to another section or page within the site, or take users to another site. The latter is of particular value to the SEO specialist and are called "backlinks".

What are Backlinks

Backlinks or backlinks are any hyperlinks that are placed on an external resource and lead to your site. A simple example: one of your friends, for example, on some thematic forum, decided to recommend a product and left a link to a page on your site. Thus, your resource has a new external hyperlink from a third-party site, that is, a backlink. If you have placed a link to your partners on your site, then this is already a backlink for your partners' site.

Main Types

There are only a few types of backlinks:

  • natural
  • SEO or purchased links

Next, we will analyze each type in more detail.

Natural Links

Best Types of Backlinks for SEO

Natural links appear on the site thanks to users. Many share hyperlinks to a product or service they like, recommend to their colleagues, partners, friends, etc. Every link from one site that a person places on another is a natural backlink.

For example, if you want to post links to your favorite songs from the Spotify website on your social network page, then without realizing it, you will create backlinks.

Purchasable Links

SEO links or purchased links are links that are compiled by specialists. Hyperlinks are placed on different sites to promote their resource. SEO specialists mostly use various link exchanges or resort to the "Outreach" placement method.

There are two types of SEO links:

  • Rented
  • Eternal

Leased Links

Rented links are links that are placed for a certain time, and they are paid for daily, weekly, etc. This method of buying links is much cheaper, it can even take place automatically, and it is possible to acquire a large number of links to your site in a short time.

However, links are placed mainly on sites with a lot of spam. This factor negatively affects the attitude of search robots toward your site. Also, if payment is not received or the lease expires, links to your site are removed, which significantly damages the reputation of your site in the eyes of search engines. The effectiveness of website promotion by this method is negligible.

Eternal Links

Eternal backlinks are the most valuable because after payment they remain on the donor site on an ongoing basis. Placed on sites inside articles or posts. For such links, they make the most natural occurrence within the text.

Such links are placed on high-quality sites without spam and with a high level of trust in search engines. Buying is much more expensive than temporary.

Factors that determine the value of backlinks

The value of a backlink depends primarily on the site on which it is placed. The quality of a site is calculated in many ways. The main ones are:

  • domain rating
  • trust in the site
  • amount of spam

And if a very high-quality and authoritative site links to your resource, then this is a very good signal for search robots to promote your project.

Another important factor is the theme of the site. Links should look natural and correspond to what is being said in the text. Thus, the value of a hyperlink to a site with seafood, placed in an article devoted to houseplants, is reduced to zero.

Application in SEO

The totality of all backlinks to the site has a common name "Link Profile". One of the most effective ways to promote SEO is to gradually increase your link profile with the help of backlinks. The more links from good sites link to your resource, the faster your project develops and its “Authority” grows. Below we will take a closer look at what back hyperlinks affect.


Proper placement of backlinks on high-quality sites allows you to raise the position of priority search queries and influence the ranking of your site in search results. The more your keywords rank high, the more likely it is to take TOP-1 in your niche.

Referral Traffic

Best Types of Backlinks for SEO

A well-written article posted on a popular site can attract additional traffic. Often, SEOs use the services of professional copywriters to prepare a high-quality unique informational article, where the backlink will look as natural as possible inside the text.


Backlinks are also used to promote a brand. They are used in the form of so-called "brand queries". Such backlinks include a domain name or brand name. For example, if we see a link in the text like a YouTube video, I think no one will have questions about which resource it leads to. Search engine robots are no exception. The more they see similar backlinks, the better they understand what product or service is related to your site.


Backlinks are a powerful and effective SEO tool. When choosing the right strategy for building a link profile, the site will surely rise to the top in the search results. Despite the high cost of this method of promotion, the use of backlinks effectively increases the performance of your site and opens up new opportunities for business or project development.

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