Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

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Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

Best Freelancing Sites: Top 18 Freelance Exchanges 2022

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner: If you're a freelancer looking for a job, you probably know how tedious this process can be. However, there are independent websites dedicated to helping professionals like you find jobs. In this article, we have collected the best freelancing websites.

What are Freelance Exchanges?

A freelancing website, sometimes known as a freelance exchange, is a website where people may hunt for work and companies can post job openings.

Freelancing is a fantastic way to make money from your passion. Only apply for projects that you are interested in.

Needless to say, you can quickly begin your freelancing business with the support of these sites. They'll assist you find your initial clients and gain employers' trust.

Furthermore, taking diverse orders from various firms allows you to enhance your talents. Your portfolio will expand, and the quantity of job offers will follow.

Top 18 Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

1. Fiverr

When choosing the best freelance exchanges, be sure to stop by this site. This is where freelancers can showcase finished projects to the general public so that potential clients can easily pick someone whose work interests them. Thus, employers do not have to contact employees one by one.

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

For freelancers, Fiverr offers free training courses that help develop skills and learn how to communicate with clients.

2. Upwork

Various foreign freelance exchanges are popular with us, but this is probably one of the most popular. Upwork offers great freelancing tools like a collaborative space, a built-in invoice builder, and a transparent recruitment process. Also, this freelancing site allows you to work with many famous clients such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc. If you are looking for interesting remote work options and flexible hours, you should visit this freelancing site.

If you are looking for interesting remote work options and flexible hours, you should visit this freelancing site.

3. Total

Toptal is a freelancing marketplace that claims to be among the top 3% of freelancers from around the world. Of course, you can become one of the best if you work hard enough to develop your skills.

4. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is without a doubt one of the best freelancing sites. One of the most remarkable features of this platform is the ability to view vacancies near a given location. In addition, the site has a list of the highest salaries and a tool for estimating the cost of services. 

You can also create a resume directly on the site and learn a lot from their blog.

5. People Per Hour

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

This site is used by over 1.5 million freelancers. Each freelancer has its rating, which is great advertising.

People Per Hour is free for freelancers, but be aware that there is a lot of competition out there. You have to constantly improve and keep your prices competitive if you want to have a better chance of getting a job.

6. Aquent

Aquent has won many awards as a freelance firm. This freelancing site is well-established and known for providing highly qualified professionals in the creative, digital, and marketing fields.

Although Aquent says that they primarily accept professionals with at least 2 years of experience, graduates and aspiring freelancers can also study their vacancies. And if you're in doubt about how much your services cost, check out their salary guide to help you assess your skills.

7. Crowded

Crowded boasts an AI-powered recruitment process. The platform will find a candidate who will meet the main criteria - the price of services, experience, and necessary skills.

Not only employers will find this feature useful. Thanks to it, freelancers do not have to manually apply for each job opening. Just let the algorithm do its job and then wait for a call from the employer.

8. The Creative Group

This website makes it a lot easier for freelancers to find work. TCG, as it's commonly known, lets you to start your job hunt by uploading your résumé or LinkedIn profile.

You can respond to a suitable offer by applying for a job as soon as it arises.

9. 99Designs

If you are looking for the best freelancing websites for design jobs, this is the place for you. From logo design to book covers, you'll find tons of opportunities to express yourself here. The site allows customers to organize contests in which all registered users of 99Designs can participate.

For free, you will have access to a platform where you can showcase your work and expand your knowledge with up-to-date articles on the topic.

10. Next

Nexxt's job search is based on 4 criteria: career, location, community diversity, and global focus. The purpose of the third criterion is to provide a more inclusive work environment for different groups.

You can select a position that meets your requirements by establishing the relevant parameters.

11. Writer Access

Looking for the best freelance exchanges for content writers, writers, and translators? Writer Access is the best platform that covers all kinds of writing, including writing and translating online articles, case studies, white papers, and more.

To help you work more efficiently, this freelancing site includes tools like content analytics, keyword optimization, and a content planner.

12. TaskRabbit

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

Not all freelance jobs involve online remote work. TaskRabbit is a freelance exchange dedicated to housework.

If you know how to assemble furniture, are ready to help with packing and moving, or understand plumbing or something else, you will find many suitable vacancies on TaskRabbit. But there is one condition - you must live in one of the countries where this service operates. For now, TaskRabbit is only available in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Spain. If you are in one of these countries and looking for additional income, then this is exactly what you need.

13. Skyword

Here you can find many jobs in the field of content marketing. Sign up to get a job as a freelance content strategist, editor, and more.

In addition, the service serves not only American or English-speaking companies. Skyword is trusted by customers in 27 countries speaking 13 languages.

14. Design Hill

The peculiarity of this site for freelancing is that the client can immediately see the price of the service and calculate how much the finished design will cost. This is a very useful feature as there are many designs on the site with different prices.

15. Freelancer

Best Freelancing Marketplace Site For Beginner

The best freelancing sites are the ones that are trusted. This freelance exchange is the largest crowdsourcing platform with 32 million registered users. The site lists thousands of freelance jobs. 

You can register here for free and choose from hundreds of vacancies that are posted every day.

16. Guru

By registering here, you will join 3 million freelancers from all over the world who are looking for work in fields such as web development, content creation, architecture, and so on.

17. Hireable

Hireable gives equal employment opportunities not only to freelancers from Europe and America. 

The site has a simple user interface and only the necessary features: job alerts, recommendations, the ability to save jobs, as well as jobs that you have applied for.

18. FlexJobs

FlexJobs not only provides a platform for freelancers but also encourages everyone to try this career path. In addition, this freelancing site contains vacancies from all over the world.

For $14.95 per month, you get full access to a wide network of employers, various job tests, and detailed descriptions of each company.


Being a freelancer means having freedom of choice in your work, as well as the ability to work where and when it suits you. To help you realize your new career path, we've rounded up the best freelancing websites. 

Here is a quick overview of the best of the best freelancing exchanges:

    • Upwork is a popular freelance site that offers the tools you need to work remotely.
    • You should try Designhill if you are a designer.
    • Skyword is a global crowdsourcing platform for content creation and marketing freelancers.
    • TaskRabbit opens up opportunities for offline freelancers.
    • WriterAccess allows anyone who loves to write to earn money from it.
    • Freelancer is the largest network of remote jobs.
    • Join Aquent if you are an experienced worker because the platform is made especially for professionals.
    • Nexxt provides a diverse and inclusive platform for anyone who wants to start a career as a freelancer in a particular field.
    • With Fiverr, you can search for jobs while improving your skills with free online courses.
    • Toptal pays well for your skills if you have amassed a large enough portfolio by offering your services among the “top 3% of freelancers”.

Do you have questions about how to find your ideal niche? Let us know in the comments below!

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