What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important

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What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important

What is SEO

What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important

What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is search engine optimization and comprehensive website development to increase revenue and traffic from search engines, in simple words, SEO is driving traffic to a website from Yandex and Google searches. Search engine optimization is carried out taking into account the selected search phrases, which are called the semantic core. The main goal of SEO is to bring the promoted site to the TOP-10 of search results.

How SEO Works

Each search engine has commercial (advertising) and organic results. Any sites that have launched paid advertising can fall into the commercial category. In organic-only sites that, based on ranking factors, are highly relevant to the query.

Yandex search results are formed by two large blocks - commercial and organic - and look like this:

To get into the organic (free) search results, the site must be not only relevant to the query, but also easy to navigate, have a wide range, and even satisfy the visitor's secondary needs (reviews, accessories, etc.).

Why you need SEO

SEO is needed to attract free traffic from Yandex and Google search engines to your website.

Site optimization is required for both informational and commercial sites, and this has a positive effect on the growth of resource traffic.

What parameters should the site meet for successful promotion?

The main requirements for the site are convenience for the visitor and the solution to his problem.

Also, if, in addition to the primary value, your site can offer secondary value - for example, a feedback system, promotions, accessories - this will be a good advantage against competitors.

The main factors in site optimization that will bring your site to the TOP-10:

  • Simple and convenient site structure, formed based on search demand
  • A wide range of products or services is offered.
  • Convenient mobile version: in some topics, the share of traffic from mobile devices exceeds 50%, so now having an adaptive version of the site is a must.
  • The presence of commercial blocks on the pages: delivery and payment, reviews, certificates and diplomas, specifications.
  • Text page optimization: relevant Title and Description tags, clear document structure, CNC.
  • Site loading speed: This factor directly affects the visitor's behavior on your site. Therefore, slow sites will always rank lower than their faster competitors.

What stages of work are included

  • Audit of the current site.
  • Topic and niche analysis + competitor analysis.
  • Formation of the semantic core. Collection of the primary semantic core + formation of query groups.
  • Clustering of selected search phrases.
  • Forming a new site structure or changing the current one (creating directories, sections, categories + working with tags/labels). Creation of sitemaps.
  • Work on internal optimization of the site.
  • Setting up page linking. It has a good effect on behavioral factors and visitor retention.
  • Optimizing current content. Optimization of existing pages for the formed semantic core, including work with meta tags.
  • Works on external website optimization. Mandatory step for any site. Thoughtful formation of a link profile, taking into account the peculiarities of the subject of the site.
  • Analysis of the behavioral factors of the audience. Analysis of the current conversion. Improvement of the specified indicators.
  • Usability improvement. Website customization for desktop and mobile devices. Work on usability and responsiveness of the structure.

SEO optimization methods (about white, gray, and black methods)

In this Article What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important, All methods of search engine optimization can be conditionally divided into three types: "white", "gray" and "black". It is best to use only white hat methods - this is the safest and most effective method of promotion in the long run.

"White" is a complex work with all the factors that affect the ranking of your site in the search - commercial, textual, and behavioral.

“Gray” is link spam, text over spam, i.e. saturation of them with keys to promoting the page for a specific search phrase. Search engines now perfectly see texts were written not for people: such pages will not rank high.

"Black" is the cheating of behavioral factors, the use of hidden links/texts, swapping, content cloaking, and doorways. This is a method of getting traffic quickly, but not long-term. Since all such methods perfectly identify Google and Yandex, the average life of such a site is 1–3 months.

White hat SEO principles: internal and external optimization

White hat SEO is the most effective method of website promotion. It starts with internal optimization, and this is one of the longest stages of the entire promotion.

We list the most basic steps of internal optimization:

  • Setting page attributes (meta tags, correct hierarchy of headings on pages)
  • Removing duplicate content
  • Creation of micro-data
  • Speeding up the site and reducing the loading speed of the main + individual pages. Study of the analysis of the response of pages + elimination of problems with redirects
  • Site code validation and elimination of technical errors.
  • External optimization – link building in 2021 makes sense only for promotion on Google and only by high-quality donors.

The purchase of links (if it is carried out) is carried out smoothly and on high-quality thematic sites. To increase the link mass, only domains that are thematically close to the promoted site are selected.

How to track the results of work

What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important

You can evaluate the results of SEO work after completing the final steps of the promotion plan. A tangible effect is visible after 2-3 months after the start of work.

To track the results, you need to collect site positions for queries in the semantic core and use web analytics tools (Yandex. Metrica, Google Analytics), to pay attention to traffic, conversions, and goals.

Particular attention should be paid to the content of search queries by which visitors come to your site:

The content of search queries can be viewed in Google Analytics or Yandex.Metrica

Analyze traffic sources. If most of it now comes from search, then SEO is starting to work:

Pay attention to behavioral factors, especially time on site and bounce rate before and after optimization.

It is also worth evaluating the total number of pages in the search - before search engine optimization and after its completion.

What determines the timing of results

The timing of results depends on many factors:

  • Speed ​​of implementation of recommendations.

  • Topic competition.

  • Site size.

  • Current results.

  • Domain age.

Deadlines are always individual. On average, it takes about 2-3 months for search engines to index the implemented changes on the site and it begins to increase visibility along with the formed semantic core. Naturally, a lot depends not only on the site itself and the queries being promoted but also on the peculiarities of ranking the site by Yandex and Google. The behavior of competitors in a niche should not be underestimated: they are also actively developing.

More on What is SEO and Why is Search Engine Optimization Important, Also of great importance is the speed with which each stage of SEO optimization is implemented. Let's say your site has about 10,000 pages. Naturally, optimizing such a site will take more time than optimizing a resource consisting of 100 pages.


SEO is a set of activities that allows a website to reach the top of search results and get maximum traffic in the long run. Good luck with the promotion!

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